Ammatoa, traditional community / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan – Kab. Bulukumba

The Amatoa Traditional Community is located in a region called Tana Toa. In the District of Bulukumba, sub-district Kajang, province of South Sulawsi.

District of Bulukumba

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About Ammatoa traditional community

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The Kajang tribe, also called the Ammatoa indigenous people, are living in Bulukumba District, South Sulawesi. They manages forest resources sustainably, even though geographically it is not far (about 50 km) from the economic and administrative center of Bulukumba regency. This is because indigenous peoples’ relationships with their forest environment are based on a wise view of life, which is treating the forest as a mother to be respected and protected.

Only people living in the area of Kajang Dalam are still fully adhering to the Ammatoa custom. They practice a very simple way of life by rejecting anything that is technological. For them, technological things can have a negative impact on their lives, because they are destructive to the sustainability of natural resources. The community that always wore black clothes is then called as Ammatoa indigenous people.

Entrance to the Ammatoa community village

About the community

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The indigenous community of Ammatoa has a structural hierarchy in governing customary events and government systems. Indigenous communities believe that Ammatoa is a representative of Bohe Amma or Tu’re’a’ra’na (the One or God) in the world. The first man in Ammatoa is also believed to have originated from Tana Toa. It is said that, when he was alive, he always was protected by clouds when walking under the hot sun and he always looked young. When he died, he was not buried because he vanished.

Indigenous people of Ammatoa also believe, that the beginning of the kingdoms in South Sulawesi came from Tana Toa. Based on the territorial division, the Kajang people, who left the customary area and led a territory respectively. The territorialization and belief in Ammatoa’s influence on existence is then poured into a title: Ammatoa ri Kajang, sombayya ri Gowa, Pajung ri Luwu, Mangkawu ri Bone. Ammatoa is a representation of the highest leaders in terms of spirituality and government of the great empires, that ever existed.

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