Kingdom of Landak – Prov. Kalimantan Barat

The Kingom of Ismahayana Landak, 1275 – 1945. Located on Kalimantan, in the District of Landak, province of West Kalimantan.
The title of the king: Pangeran Ratu, in 2015 the title became king.

District of Landak

Province of West Kalimantan 

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Revival of the kingdom in 2000

24 jan. 2000: Revival of the kingdom of Landak, marked by the inauguration of the heir to the kingdom of Landak: Pangeran Ratu Drs. Gusti Suryansah.
The king died on 14 oktober 2016.

Oktober 2016: The son of former king Gusti Suryansah, Pangeran Ratu Setia Iswaramahayana Pangeran  Ratu Setia Ishmahayana Gusti Fiqri became his successor.


The kingdom of Ismahayana Landak is a kingdom, which is located in Kab. Landak, West Kalimantan. Landak kingdom was founded by the eldest son of Brawijaya, the first ruler (1294-1309 AD) of the great Hindu-Javanese kingdom Majapahit (1294-1478). The kingdom then had seven Hindu rulers, the last of which married a local woman, Putri Dara Hitam. Her son, Raden Ismahayana, ruled from 1472 until 1542. It was he who converted to Islam and became the first sultan of Landak under the new name Raden Abdul Kahar. His seat of governance was Mungguk, a later sultan moved to Bandong near Mungguk, and finally Pangeran Sanca Nata Kesuma had his palace built in Ngabang on the present site of Keraton Ismahayana.
The last sultan, Pangeran Raden Gusti Abdul Hamid, was killed by the Japanese and buried in Mandor. A caretaker then governed until the kingdom of Landak was abolished through Indonesia’s independence.
However, archaeological evidence in the form of building of the palace and royal attributes, we can still see up to now.  The book
Indoek Lontar Keradjaan Landak, written by Gusti Soeloeng Lelanang (king the 19th) in 1942 offers sufficient evidence to prove the long history of this kingdom. There are 2 phases in this history, which started in 1275: namely the Hindu period and the Islamic period, started in 1472 until today.

The history of the kingdom can be divided into four periods of two phases, namely:

Fase Hindu

  • 1292–1472: Kingdom Landak di Ningrat Batur

Fase Islam

  • 1472–1703: Kingdom Landak at Mungguk Ayu
  • 1703–1768: Kingdom Landak at Bandong
  • 1768–today: Kingdom Landak at Ngabang

Kingdoms in West Kalimantan

List of Kings

Fase Hindu

Kerajaan Landak di Ningrat Batur (1292 – 1472)

  1. Ratu Sang Nata Pulang Pali I
  2. Ratu Sang Nata Pulang Pali II
  3. Ratu Sang Nata Pulang Pali III
  4. Ratu Sang Nata Pulang Pali IV
  5. Ratu Sang Nata Pulang Pali V
  6. Ratu Sang Nata Pulang Pali VI
  7. Ratu Sang Nata Pulang Pali VII

Fase Islam

  • Kerajaan Landak di Mungguk Ayu (1472–1703)
  1. 1472–1542: Raden Iswaramahayan Raja Adipati Karang Tanjung Tua atau Raden Abdul Kahar (Islam masuk pada periode ini di Kerajaan Landak)
  2. 1542–1584: Raden Pati Karang Raja Adipati Karang Tanjung Muda
  3. 1584–1614: Raden Cili (Tjili) Pahang Tua Raja Adipati Karang Sari Tua
  4. 1614–1644: Raden Karang Tedung Tua (wakil raja) Raja Adipati Karang Tedung Tua
  5. 1644–1653: Raden Cili (Tjili) Pahang Muda Raja Adipati Karang Sari Muda
  6. 1679–1689: Raden Karang Tedung Muda (wakil raja) Raja Adipati Karang Tedung Muda
  7. 1679–1689: Raden Mangku Tua (wakil raja) Raja Mangku Bumi Tua
  8. 1689–1693: Raden Kusuma Agung Tua
  9. 1693–1703: Raden Mangku Muda (wakil Raja) Pangeran Mangku Bumi Muda
  • Kerajaan Landak di Bandong (1703–1768)
  1. 1703–1709: Raden Kusuma Agung Muda
  2. 1709–1714: Raden Purba Kusuma (wakil raja) Pangeran Purba Kusuma
  3. 1714–1764: Raden Nata Tua Pangeran Sanca Nata Kusuma Tua
  4. 1764–1768: Raden Anom Jaya Kusuma (wakil raja) Pangeran Anom Jaya Kusuma
  • Kerajaan Landak di Ngabang (1768–sekarang), dengan kepala negara bergelar Paduka Panembahan dan kepala pemerintahan bergelar Paduka Pangeran
  1. 1768–1798: Raden Nata Muda Pangeran Sanca Nata Kusuma
  2. 1798–1802: Raden Bagus Nata Kusuma (wakil raja) Ratu Bagus Nata Kusuma
  3. 1802–1807: Gusti Husin (wakil raja) Gusti Husin Suta Wijaya
  4. 1807–1833: Panembahan Gusti Muhammad Aliuddin
  5. 1833–1835: Haji Gusti Ismail (wakil panembahan) Pangeran Mangkubumi Haji Gusti Ismail
  6. 1835–1838: Panembahan Gusti Mahmud Akamuddin
  7. 1838–1843: Ya Mochtar Unus (wakil panembahan) Pangeran Temenggung Kusuma
  8. 1843–1868: Panembahan Gusti Muhammad Amaruddin Ratu Bagus Adi Muhammad Kusuma
  9. 1868–1872: Gusti Doha (wakil panembahan)
  10. 1872–1875: Panembahan Gusti Abdulmajid Kusuma Adiningrat
  11. 1875–1890: Haji Gusti Andut Muhammad Tabri (wakil panembahan) Pangeran Wira Nata Kusuma
  12. 1890–1895: Gusti Ahmad (wakil panembahan) Pangeran Mangkubumi Gusti Ahmad
  13. 1895–1899: Panembahan Gusti Abdulazis Kusuma Akamuddin
  14. 1899–1922: Gusti Bujang Isman Tajuddin (wakil panembahan) Pangeran Mangkubumi Gusti Bujang
  15. 1922–1943: Panembahan Gusti Abdul Hamid
  16. 1943–1945: Gusti Sotol (wakil panembahan)
  17. Haji Gusti Mohammad Appandi Ranie (wakil panembahan) Pangeran Mangkubumi Gusti Mohammad Appandi Ranie Setia Negara (1946, hanya sekitar 4 bulan berkuasa)
  18. Pangeran Ratu Haji Gusti Amiruddin Hamid (?)
  19. 2000–2016: Drs. Gusti Suryansyah Amiruddin, M.Si. Pangeran Ratu Keraton Landak.
    Raja kerajaan Landak, Pangeran Ratu Drs. Gusti Suryansah, wafat pada tanggal 14 oktober 2016.

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Palace of the kingdom: Keraton Ismahayana

Keraton Ismahayana Landak is the Royal Palace of Landak, located in Ngabang, Kab. Porcupine, Prov. West Kalimantan. It is not known exactly when the palace was build.
This royal palace was restored and renovated around the 1950s and 1960s, after a fire that caused damage in some parts of the palace building. The condition of Keraton Complex at this time is result of restoration of year 2000.


– History of Landak: link



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