Timu, kerajaan / P. Sawu – Prov. Nusa Tenggara Timur

Kerajaan Timu terletak di pulau Sawu. Kab. Sabu Raijua, Prov. Nusa Tenggara Timur.

The Kingdom of Timu was a kingdom on the island of Savu. District of Sabu Raijua.
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Lokasi pulau Savu

P. Sawu dan P. Raijua

P. Sawu dan P. Raijua

Foto kerajaan-kerajaan di P. Sawu

* Foto kerajaan-kerajaan di P. Sawu: link

Foto / video budaya Suku Sawu

* Foto foto suku Sawu: link
* Foto situs kuno / megalitik Sawu: link

* Video tarian adat suku Sawu: link
* Video tarian adat suku Sawu: link

* Video rumah adat suku Sawu: link


Tentang raja sekarang (2018)

Fettor Bernard Tanya, fettor of Timu. Sumber foto: Bernard Tanya, Facebook. 2019

Tentang sejarah kerajaan

Tidak ada info tentang sejarah kerajaan ini.

Pada tahun 1918 kerajaan-kerajaan kecil di pulau Sawu disatukan dalam satu swapraja Sabu yang di-perintahi oleh raja S. Th. Djawa.

Raja Ama Piga Djara’last ruling raja of Timu

Daftar raja kerajaan Timu

* 1672-….: Talo
* 1676: Ama Rohi ….(Ama Rosi)
* 1696: Ludji ….
* 1710-1731: Rohi Rano (Rosi Rano) (until March 1731).
This Rohi Rano (Rosi Rano) ruled until March 1731 when two of his temukungs, Ama Rati ….. and Leba….. ?, rebelled, since he wished to hand over his throne to his daughter’s son Hili (Sili). Ama Rati thought he had the right to become Du Ae (King). The rebels were supported by Heb’a (Seba) and Liae but Hili (Sili) slipped away to Kupang on 11 March 1731. The Dutch intervened and succeeded to bring about a successful solution. Rohi Rano (Rosi Rano) declared that he was unable to rule any more, being quite old. Therefore his daughter’s son Hili (Sili) (born 1705) succeeded. Hili Hab’a ( Sili Sab’a) then governed from 1731 until his death in 1798, being succeeded by his son Elias J’ara Hili (Elias Dj’ara Sili) (1798-after 1805). In other words, he ruled an astonishing 67 years – must be something of a record in documented Indonesian history! During his reign he was known as the upper regent (hoofd-regent) of Savu. His son, Elias J’ara Hili (Elias Dj’ara Sili) who was alive 1798-1806.

* 1731-1798: Hili Hab’a (Sili Sab’a) (until his death in 1798).
* 1798-1805: Elias J’ara (Dj’ara) Hili (Sili) (after 1805).
* 1832: Rewa D’aga
* 1851-18..: (Ama Hili) Hab’a…..(Sili Sab’a) ruled before 1851-18 ??.
* 1858-186.: Ama Lai (Lay) D’aga…..
* Eduard Dj’ara Ludji.
* 1868: (Ama Piga) Dj’ara….. (until his death in 1911).

Royal dynasty then extinct in direct line. Then the Fettor-lineage began to rule.

* 1908: Saul Wé Tanja (Tanya) Ludji (Fettor of Dimu (Timu) from 1908/Fettor, ruler of Dimu (Timu) from 1911; Fettor of the Sawu-“federation” from 1918. Born ca.1890. Died:???)
* 1905: Tanja Ludji was temporary-Fettor (died 1908)
* Radja Tanja (chief dynasty; son).
* Ludji Wé Tanya; nephew (was known to be the last nominated fettor, but never once ruled). Died early 1990s. By the 1980s the fettors could no longer play their role and fettors’ decendants could no longer be nominated to rule as fettors and are thus now commoners.
Sumber: link (tidak ada lagi di internet).


Untuk sejarah kerajaan-kerajaan di P. Sawu, klik di sini

Sawu / Nusa Tenggara Timur, 1200 M

Sawu / Nusa Tenggara Timur, 1200 M


– Asal-Usul Orang Sabu: https://voxntt.com/
– Sejarah Sabu Raijua: https://saburaijuakab.go.id/halaman/sejarah
– Sejarah Kab. Savu Raijua: https://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/
– Sejarah Suku Savu: http://suku-dunia.blogspot.co.id/

Peta kuno

Nusantara, tahun 1493


Kepulauan Sunda Kecil, tahun 1725

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