Kingdom of Muna (Wuna) / Prov. Sulawesi Tenggara, Kab. Muna

The kingdom of Muna: 1371 – 1956. Located in the northern part of Muna Island, District Muna, Province of South East Sulawesi. The first king, La Eli alias Baidhuldhamani, had the title Bheteno ne Tombula, alias Remang Rilangiq, who married Watandriabeng, sister of Sawerigading.

District Muna

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About the king

Chief of the Traditional Counsil of the kingdom Muna: La Ode Imbo

History of the kingdom of Muna

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The history of human civilization in the Muna region began when Sawerigading and his 40 followers were stranded on Muna Island, that is now known as ‘Bahutara’.
Sawerigading and his followers, then mingle with residents, who had once settled and formed a community on Muna Island. Over time the community grew. Sawerigading and forty followers inMuna had brought a new nuance in the development of civilization in the life of the Muna. One day a leader was chosen to lead the community. Preferred leaders are considered to be primus inter pares.

The history of the Muna kingdom begins after the inauguration of La Eli aka Baidhuldhamani  with the title of Bheteno ne Tombula as the first Muna King.
After the inauguration of La Eli titled Bheteno Ne Tombula as King Muna I, the new Muna Kingdom can be regarded as a sovereign kingdom because it has fulfilled syarakat-requirement as a country that has had the People, Region and Government.
After the reign of Bheteno Ne Tombula 1467, Muna Kingdom was led by Sugi (Yang Dipertuan). The Muna Kingdom government led by Sugi lasted for 71 years (1467 – 1538).
Unfortunately due to the cooptation of the Dutch VOC and the Buton Sultanate and the lack of interest of the Muna community in writing history, the history of Muna is recorded as the history of Buton. As a result Muna erajan less known in the association of the kingdoms of the archipelago.

King of Muna, La Ode Abadi Rere; pre-war.

List of kings

Pre Islam kings

* 1417-1467: Raja Muna I – La Eli alias Baidhuldhamani with the title Bheteno Ne Tombula,
* 1467-1477: Raja Muna II – La Patola/ La Aka / Kaghua Bangkano Fotu with the title Sugi Patola,
* 1477-1497: Raja Muna III – La Mbona with the title Sugi Ambona,
* 1497-1512: Raja Muna IV – La Patani with the title Sugi Patani,
* 1512-1527: Raja Muna V – Sugi La Ende,
* 1527-1538: Raja Muna VI – Sugi Manuru,
* 1538-1541: Raja Muna VII – La Kilaponto with the title Mepokonduaghono Ghoera,
* 1541-1551: Raja Muna VIII –La Posasu gelar Kobangkuduno,
* 1551-1600: Raja Muna IX – Rampeisomba,
* 1600-1625: Raja Muna X – Titakono,

Raja Pasca Agama Islam / Islam kings

* 1625-1626: Raja Muna XI – La Ode Sa’adudin,
* 1626-1667: Raja Muna XII –La Ode Ngkadiri with the title Sangia Kaindea,
* 1667-1668: Raja Muna XIII – Wa Ode Wakelu ( Permaisuri raja La Ode Ngkadiri ),
* 1668-1671: : Raja Muna XIV La Ode Muh. Idris.,
* 1671: La Ode Ngkadiri ( second periode),

* 1671-1716: Raja Muna XV – La Ode Abd. Rahman with the title Sangia Latugho,
* 1716-1767: Raja Muna XVI – La Ode Husaini with the title Omputo Sangia,
* 1767: Raja Muna XVII – La Ode Muh. Ali,
* 1758-1764: Raja Muna XVIII –L a Ode Kentu Koda with the title Omputo Kantolalo,
* 1767-?: Raja Muna XIX – La Ode Harisi,

* Raja Muna XX – La Ode Umara I with the title Omputo ne Gege,
* Raja Muna XXI – La Ode Murusali with the title sangia gola
* Raja Muna XXII – La Ode Ngkumabusi
* Raja Muna XXIII – La Ode Sumaili with the title Omputo ne Sombo.
* 1816-1830: Raja Muna XIV – LA Ode Saete with the title Sorano Masigi,

* 1830-1861: Raja Muna XXV – La Ode Bulae with the title Sangia Laghada,
* 1861-1864: Raja Muna XXVI – La Aka,
* 1864-1870: Raja Muna XXVII – La Ode Ali with the title sangia Rahia
* Raja Muna XXVII – LA Ode Huse
* Raja Muna XXIX – La Ode Tao

King of Muna, La Ode Pandu, 1947

* 1903-1906: Raja Muna XXX – La Ode Ngkaili,
* 1906-1914: Raja Muna XXXI – La Ode Maktubu,
* 1914-1918: Raja Muna XXXIV – La Ode Pulu,
* 1920-1924: Raja Muna XXXIV – La Ode Afiuddin,
* – 1924-1926.

* 1926-1928: Raja Muna XXXV – La Ode Rere,
* – 1928-1938,
* 1930-1938: Raja Muna XXXVI – La Ode Dika with the title Omputo Komasigino,
* 1938-1941
* 1941 – 1946
* 1946-1947.
* 1947-1956: Raja Muna XXXVII – La Ode Pandu,
* 12 Desember 1956
Muna became part of Propinsi Sulawesi Tenggara as Kabupaten (District) together with 3 other Districts: Kendari Kolaka dan Buton.

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King of Muna

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