Sultanate of Indragiri / Prov. Riau, Sumatera – Kab. Indragiri Hilir

کراجاءن ايندراݢي

The Kingdom of Indragiri, 1347 – 1945.
Located on Sumatera, province of Riau, District Indragiri Hilir and District Indragiri Hulu,

District Indragiri Hilir

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About the King

Since 2017
Sultan of Indragiri: The 27th Sultan of Indragiri, Tengku Parameswara Arif, SH.

Jan. 2017
Indragiri will have a new King. It is planned that the installation of the 27th crown prince of the Indragiri kingdom will be carried out on February 25, 2017 at the Replica of the Indragiri Royal Palace on Lake Raja Rengat Indragiri Hulu. The Crown Prince, who will be installed is Tengku Alimahara, who is the son of Tengku Muhammad, the 26th King of Indragiri who has passed away.

15 June 2016
The 26th Sultan of Indragiri, H Tengku Arif SH, died at the age of 87 in Jakarta.

Sultan of Indragiri: Arif SH, Al-Haj, the 26th Sultan of Indragiri.

History of the sultanate of Indragiri, 13th century

Inderagiri Kingdom originated from the kingdom of Keritang. The kingdom of Keritang kingdom existed in the 13th century. Then the kingdom moved after changing the center of power.
Previously Indragiri kingdom was a subordinate (vazal) of the kingdom of Pagaruyung and also a port area. Then the kingdom was contested by the Sultanate of Jambi, Siak Sultanate, and the Sultanate of Aceh.
The first king was king of Kecik Mambang, ruled 1298 – 1337.

In 1473, the time of King Narasinga II, who had the title of Paduka Maulana Sri Sultan Alauddin Iskandarsyah Johan Zirullah Fil Alam (Sultan Indragiri IV), settled in the royal capital located in Old Town now.
In 1815, under Sultan Ibrahim, the royal capital was moved to Rengat. During the reign of Sultan Ibrahim, the Dutch began to interfere with the kingdom by appointing the Sultan of Muda who is located in Peranap with the boundary of the region to the Lower to the boundary of Japura.

Kingdoms in Riau, 19th century

List of kings

1) 1298-1337:  Raja Kecik Mambang alias Raja Merlang I.
2) 1337-1400:  Raja Iskandar alias Nara Singa I.
3) 1400-1473:  Raja Merlang II with the title Sultan Jamalluddin Inayatsya.
4) 1473-1532:  Paduka Maulana Sri Sultan Alauddin Iskandarsyah Johan NaraSinga II with the title Zirullah Fil Alam.
5) 1532-1557:  Sultan Usulluddin Hasansyah.

6) 1557-1599:  Raja Ahmad with the title Sultan Mohamadsyah.
7) 1559-1658:  Raja Jamalluddin with the title Sultan Jammalludin Keramatsyah.
8) 1658-1669:  Sultan Jamalluddin Suleimansyah.
9) 1669-1676:  Sultan Jamalluddin Mudoyatsyah.
10) 1676-1687:  Sultan Usulluddin Ahmadsyah.

11) 1687-1700:  Sultan Abdul Jalilsyah.
12) 1700-1704:  Sultan Mansyursyah.
13) 1704-1707:  Sultan Modamadsyah.
14) 1707-1715:  Sultan Musafarsyah.
15) 1715-1735:  Raja Ali with the title Sultan Zainal Abidin Indragiri. At first he was titled Mangkubumi Indragiri; later became Sultan Indragiri the 15th.

16) 1735-1765:  Raja Hasan with the title Sultan Salehuddin Keramatsyah.
17) 1765-1784:  Raja Kecik Besar with the title Sultan Sunan.
18) 1784-1815:  Sultan Ibrahim. He founded the city of Rengat and was involved in the war Teluk Ketapang to seize the city melaka from the hands of the Dutch on 18 Juni 1784.
19) 1815-1827:  Raja Mun with the title Sultan Mun Bungsu.
20) 1827-1838:  Raja Umar with the title Sultan Berjanggut Keramat Gangsal.

21) 1838-1876:  Raja Said with the title Sultan Said Modoyatsyah.
22) 1876:  Raja Ismail with the title Sultan Ismailsyah. He reigned only 1 week en then died because ill.
23) 1877-1883:  Tengku Husin alias Tengku Bujang with the title Sultan Husinsyah.
24) 1887-1902:  Tengku Isa with the title Sultan Isa Mudoyatsyah.
25) 1902-1912:  Raja Uwok. As Raja Muda Indragiri.
26) 1912-1963:   Tengku Mahmud with the title Sultan Mahmudsyah.

Sultanates in Riau

The Palace: Istana Indragiri (duplicate)

The palace of Indragiri Sultanate was founded by Paduka Maulana Sri Sultan Alauddin Iskandarsyah Johan NaraSinga II, who was titled Zirullah Fil Alam. The Royal Palace Indragiri is one of Riau’s most visited tourist attractions.
Unfortunatily the original Indragiri Sultanate Palace collapsed in 1964 due to the abrasion of the Indragiri River.

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 Pada generasi Raja yang ke 4 (empat) barulah istana Kesultanan Indragiri didirikan oleh Paduka Maulana Sri Sultan Alauddin Iskandarsyah Johan NaraSinga II yang bergelar Zirullah Fil Alam. Istana Kerajaan Indragiri salah satu objek Wisata Riau yang paling ramai dikunjungi.

Old maps of Sumatera

For old maps of Sumatera (1565, 1588, 1598, 1601, 1616, 1620, 1707, 1725, 1760), klik here

Sumatera, 1707

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Sultan Indragiri meninggal 15-6-2016:

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