Kingdom of Helong / Isl. of Timor – Prov. Nusa Tenggara Timur

The kingdom of Helong is located on the island of Timor, District Kupang, prov. Nusa Tenggara timor.
This kingdom exists since the 16th century.

District Kupang


Location of Timor

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About the king

King Salmon Bislissis was the principal head of the dynasty of Kings of Helong. The kingdom was also called Kupang, before the united Kingdom of Kupang came into existence in 1917. Kupang was originally made from the western part of West Timor. Then the Helong people only ruled in the West of Timor and on the island of Semau. After the death of Christiaan King D. Bissi Lissin in 1994 there was no new King and little competition, who was the most important Royal in the dynasty.
The prince of Salon is now important in the dynasty.

History of the kingdom

On the island of Timor was the Kingdom of Helong in the 16th century. The kingdom was founded by Lisin Bai Sili in 1516. According to the Helong royal court founded by the Helong Tribe is derived from the island of Seram. The Helong tribe migrated to the island of Timor, then settled in the village of Bunibaun and established a kingdom in Kupang. Then other tribes such as the Rote, Pita’i, Taebenu, Sonbai and Am’abi tribes came to Helong Kingdom and the largest in the territory of King Helong or better known as the king of Kupang.
Kupang became a federation in 1917, composed of small kingdoms: Little Sonbai, Amabi, Amabi-Oifetto, Foenay, TaEbenu and Helong. King Don Daud Hanoch Tanof, fetor of TaEbenu, as senior ruler, who became king of the united kingdom in 1917.

After the death of Raja Christiaan D. Bissi Lissin in 1994 there was no new Raja and a bit rivalry, who was the most important Royal in the dynasty.
Prince Salon is now thé man in the dynasty. His grandfather (also a Raja) married in exile on Java a Princess of Surakarta. The wife of the present main chief dynasty is a member of the vice-Raja dynasty of NoEmuti in the middle of W-Timor).

Map of kingdoms on Timor, 1900

The Palace

Old maps of Timor

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Timor tahun 1521

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