Kingdom of Sangalla / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan – Kab.Tana Toraja

The kingdom of Sangalla was located on Sulawesi, in District Tana Toraja, prov. South Sulawesi. It is a kingdom of the Toraja People.

District Tana Toraja

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About the king today (2020)

Present Raja: Puang Eric Crystal Rante Allo of Sangalla

Puang Sangalle

History of the kingdom

Puang Tamboro Langi ‘was the founder and also the first king of Kalindobulanan Lepongan Bulan (Tana Toraja). According to the saga, he descended from the sky at the peak of Mount Kandora in District Mengkendek, Tana Toraja in the mid-4th century AD
Puang Tamboro Langi ‘is the first king of Kalindobulanan Lepongan Bulan and the ancestor of kings in the Kingdom of Lepongan Bulan (Tana Toraja) in particular and the first Tallu Bocco Kingdom (Toraja, Luwu and Gowa) in general.
Puang Tomatasak XIV in Kalindobulanan Lepongan Moon was the last king.

After the three grandchildren of Bullu Matua had grown up, he divided the Kingdom of Lepongan Bulan into three Kingdoms on an oath foundation called Basse Tallu Lembangna, namely Makale, Sangalla ‘and Mengkendek.

Although these three kingdoms were in full control and governed their respective territories called Puang Basse Kakanna Makale, Puang Basse Tanganna Sangalla’ and Puang Basse Adinna Mengkendek, however symbolically there was still Tomatasak Kalindobulanan Puang Lepongan Bulan, who historically always had been held by Puang Basse Tanganna Sangalla ‘for 13 periods ranging from Puang Palodang to Puang Laso’Rinding (Puang Sangalla’). One of the reasons is because Tongkonan Layuk Kaero which is the Central (Keraton / Istana) Lepongan Moon built by Puang Patta La Bantan is in Sangalla ‘area.

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Puang (king) Sangalla with family

List of kings of Sangalla

  1. Puang Sanda Boro (I), father Puang Lakipadada, about 1257
  2. Puang Palodang Dolo(II)
  3. Puang Matasak Pattala Bantan (III) there is an other version that Puang Pattala Bantan Adalah Puang Palodang was the first
  4. Puang Timban or Puang Pasalin  I during the Luwu was (IV)
  5. Puang Kapu’ Boro (V)
  6. Puang Paseno Langi’ (IV)
  7. Puang Tumba’ Paseno Langi’ (VII)
  8. Puang Tanggulungan (VII)
  9. Puang Samparaya (IX)
  10. Puang Galugu (X)
  11. Puang Pabuaran Dolo (XI)
  12. Puang Tempang/Puang Tandiara’ (Raya Sampin I) (XII)
  13. Puang Raya Sampin II (XIII)
  14. trnsition period.

The transition period occurred because during the reign of Puang Raya Sampin II, there was a civil war with Puang Bullu Matua from Pantan Makale, Puang Raya Sampin II and finally evacuated to Bajoe ‘Palopo Selatan; who replaced Puang Raya Sampin II was his cousin, named Puang Datu Baine (temporary) who was none other than the child of Puang Bullu Matua, so at that Kaero held Tongkonan Datu Baine.

Next Puang Bullu Matua divided this country into 3 areas of government known as Tallu Lembangna namely:

  1. Makale Basse Kakanna
  2. Sangalla Basse Tangngana
  3. Mengkendek Basse Adinna.

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