Kingdom of Bacukiki / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan, region of Pare Pare

Kingdom of Bacukiki, located in the region of the city of Pare Pare, prov. south Sulawesi.
This kingdom exists since the 15th century.

Location of Pare Pare

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History of the kingdom of Bacukiki, 15th century

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Bacukiki was a major port and trade dealer in the archipelago in the 15th and 16th centuries. With its position, it became a royal seizure in Sulawesi. Noted some royal who ever conquered Bacukiki namely the Kingdom of Wajo, Gowa and Bone and Kingdom Day (Pangkajene).

When Bacukiki was ruled by the Kingdom of Gowa under the leadership of King Gowa X Tunipalangga (1546 – 1565), many people of Bacukiki were transferred to Gowa, including Malays who had established business representatives in Bacukiki. And that is the origin of many Malay settlers in Makassar (Gowa).

When Gowa was conquered by Arung Palakka from Bone, then Bacukiki automatically becomes a conquered area as well. Arung Palakka fights Datu Bakke (Wajo) and asks Datu Bakke to surrender. The Dutchman who felt an opportunity to help Datu Bakke, offered to help him to evacuate with three ships from the port of Bacukiki.

Kings of Bacukiki

1) King 1: Aru Bacu (Aru Bacukiki) Petta Labattoa

Descendent from Datu Suppa to Ware. Ipalaguna (Ayah).
Married with: Petta Denresana (Andi Mutiara), child of Addatuatta to Wappo Sidenreng (father).

2) King 2: Petta Latinro (Petta Bola Mattanrue)

Tanru/Tanduk ( Anjong ) yang terletak di daerah Bacukiki Cilellang Rijanna Salo Pokko /
Bola Soraja Cilellang.
Married with: Pettta Lola (Puang Lola) from Aru Bone.

3) King 3: (Aru Bacukiki Lamabbiritta) Petta Keppang’nge / Petta Macowa’e

4) King 4: Petta Tayya / Puang Mattayya

Had 5 children:
1. Petta Lamanni / Puang Manni ( oldest )
2. Petta Winru / Puang Winru
3. Petta Mattawe / Puang Mattawe
4. Petta Lapalottang
5. Puang Toalla.

5) King 5: Petta Manni / Puang KepalaToa’e (saudara tertua).

Married with: Petta Ibuabare.

6) King 6:  Petta Dempalie Petta

Married with: Petta Bau Andi Cammi (from Sidenreng)

7) King 7: Petta Cangge / Puang Cangge

Married with: Petta Bula’eng. Give birth to Petta Kanda (Aru Bojo).

8) King 8: Aru Mampi / Puang Mampi (descendent of Petta Lapalottang, brother of Petta LaManni/king Bacukiki ke 5 ).

Then the power went to Puang Remmang, and the system is no longer the royal system, but the district system.

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