Kingdom of Lamatti / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan, Kab. Sinjai

Kingdom of  Lamatti, is located on Sulawesi, Kab. Sinjai, prov. Sulawesi Selatan.

Region of Sinjai

Provinsi of South Sulawesi 

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History of the region Sinjai

Sinjai Regency has its own historical value, compared with the districts in South Sulawesi Province. It consists of several kingdoms, such as the kingdom incorporated in the Tellu Limpoe federation and kingdoms incorporated in the Pitu Limpoe federation.
In Sinjai in the past, the first King and Arung was Manurung Tanralili, who became known as Timpae Tana or To Pasaja. The descendants of Pimpta Timpae Tana or To Pasaja is the forerunner and founder of Tondong Kingdom, Bulo-bulo and Lamatti. The first kingdom, that flourished in the region of Pitu Limpoe was the Turungeng Kingdom, whose king was a woman, who was married by the son of Tallo King.

FederationTellu Limpoe consists of the kingdoms that are located near the coast of the Kingdom namely:
* Tondong,
* Bulo-bulo
* Lamatti.

Federation Pitu Limpoe consists of the kingdoms:
* Turungen,
* Manimpahoi,
* Terasa,
* Pao,
* Manipi,
* Suka dan
* Bala Suka.

Map of kingdoms in South Sulawesi, 1909  


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Tentang federasi Tellu Limpoe federasi Pitu Limpoe:
– Sejarah Sinjai dan Lamatti: