Kingdom of Napu / Prov. Sulawesi Tengah – Kab. Poso

The kingdom of Napu was located on Sulawesi, District Poso, provinsi, prov. Sulawesi Tengah.

District of Poso

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History of the kingdom

Initially, the people who lived in the Poso area were under the rule of the Government of Kings, which consisted of the kings of Poso, Napu, Mori, Tojo, Una Una and Bungku, who had nothing to do with each other.

The six kingdoms were under the influence of three kingdoms, namely: the Southern Region was subject to the Luwu Kingdom, which was based in Palopo, while the Northern Territory was subject to the influence of the King of Sigi, who was domiciled in Sigi (Donggala Regency) and the Eastern region, namely the Bungku including the archipelago was subject to the King of Ternate.

Since 1880 the Dutch East Indies Government in North Sulawesi began to take control of Central Sulawesi and gradually tried to release the influence of Raja Luwu and Raja Sigi in the Poso area.

Raja Bomba of Napu

Wars of the kingdom of Napu

The kingdom of Balinggi reached the peak of its glory while under the rule of Mokole Siominanga. Some kings such as the kings of Bada, Lore, Napu, and Besoa, were located in the south of the Balinggi kingdom. Three times they attacked the Balinggi kingdom. The first attack was launched by the Bada kingdom, but was successfully broken by the Balinggi kingdom. Because of heartache, the Bada kingdom joined the Napu kingdom to attack the Balinggi kingdom again, but the attack was still successfully paralyzed by the Balinggi kingdom. The next attack by the Bada kingdom, the Napu kingdom, and the Besoa kingdom again joined forces to attack the Balinggi kingdom and they managed to block them anyway. Even though human victims fell, blood flowed the river which flooded the villages.

Problems between Napu and Ondae

Napu was part of the Kingdom of Sigi. Meanwhile, Karadja Ondae, was under proctection of the Luwu Kingdom. If the Bible did not enter Tana Poso the civil war between the Luwu and Sigi Kingdoms would have been even greater.

Napu-Onda’e peace negotiations talks were held in 1890 at Batunoncu. Onda’e was led by Papa I Mengkojoejoe as Karaja Onda’e. Onda’e was fined for surrendering 7 slaves, 1 person had already been surrendered and 6 more followed. But Karaja Onda’e did not want to comply and it was better to take up the sword to fight. That is why Napu attacked Onda’e – Morengku.
Papa i Melempo was the executor of the Napu – Ondae peace in 1894. Papa I Melempo, alias Tadjongga, was the King of Poso.

Papa I Melempo

Kingdoms in the region of Poso

(kerajaan = kingdom)

* kerajaan Napu,
* kerajaan Bada,
* kerajaan Besoa,
* kerajaan Bancea,
* kerajaan Bakekau,
* kerajaan Leboni,
* kerajaan Watutau,
* kerajaan Ondae,
* kerajaan Pebato,
* kerajaan Lage,
* kerajaan Lore,
* kerajaan Pamona,
* kerajaan Lamusa.

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