Kingdom of Koying / Sumatera, Prov. Jambi

The kingdom of Koying is located on Sumatera, in the prov. Jambi.
This kingdom is believed to exist in the 3th century.

Provinsi of Jambi

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About the kingdom

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It is estimated that the Koying kingdom existed around the 3rd century.
Information about its existence is based on records made by K’ang-tai and Wan-chen of the Wu dynasty (222-280 AD). The existence of this kingdom is also contained in the T’ung-tien Encyclopedia, written by Tu-yu (375-812 AD), then copied by Ma-tu-an-lin in the Wen-hsien-t’ung-k’ao encyclopaedia .
In the reecords is written, that in the kingdom of
Koying there are many are volcanoes, and Koying is about 5000  li in the east from Chu-po (Tupo). Chu-po is a contemporary monarchy with Koying, the royal center presumably on the shores of Wen Bay, around the present Tebo Estuary.

As mentioned above, Koying is about five thousand li from Chu-po (Tupo, Muara Tebo), then it is estimated that Koying’s position is in the vicinity of Bukit Barisan. The ports they have, are likely the result of taking over (conquering) Tupo harbor in Muara Tebo.

Provinsi Jambi, Muara Tebo

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