Kingdom of Seruway / Sumatera – Prov. Aceh, Kab. Aceh Tamiang

The Kingdom of Seruway was located on Sumatera, prov. Aceh, district Aceh Tamiang.

Location prov. of Aceh

District Aceh Tamiang

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History of the kingdom

Kingdoms that ever existed on Bumi (Land) Tamiang:
* kingdom of Benua Tunu,
* kingdom of Bendahara,
* kingdom of Seruway,
* kingdom of Karang Tamiang.

The Seruway kingdom was  formerly a part of the Kingdom of Bendahara.
In 1865 AD, the dutch government made it a Little Kingdom, located in Tamiang Hilir Selatan.

List of kings

* 1865-1902: R Sulung Laut
* 1902-1917: T Hitam Abdul Majid
* 1917-1928: T Kamaruddin
* 1928-1945: T Zainal abidin


Palace of the kingdom

The palace of the kingdom of Seruway was built in 1887 AD Previously, in this palace there are many important documents and other historical items. But during the time of Darul Islam in Aceh, a number of items of historical value were lost. Just like other Tamiang King’s Palace, the Palace of King Seruway has also become a cultural heritage under the Department of Culture Tourism and Youth District of Aceh Tamiang.

Palace of the king of Seruway

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