Kingdom of Landu / Isl. of Rote – Prov. Nusa Tenggara Timur

The kingdom of Landu, capital Daeurendale. Island of Rote. District of Rote Ndao. Prov. Nusa Tenggara Timur.

Location of the island of Roti

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About the king today (2017)

Heir of the kingdom (2017): Hendrik Willem Johannis, chief raja dynasty of Landu with his queen and daughter.


The manek, or Raja of Landu Marthen Matheos Johannis, was the last ruling monarch of Indonesia until he died 18-3-2008. He ruled 1960-1966. Actually his brother was the crown prince, but he was all ready a judge in the big city of Kupang on the nearby island of Timor, so he gave his rights to the dignity to his younger brother. Landu is considered as the oldest most respected culturally principality of Rote-islands. It is situated on a peninsula, which connection via land is flooded part of the year (ca. half of the year), that is why the landu people are not very much mixed with other peoples. European people thought, that the Landu people were actually a mix of Portugese and Melayu people. Sometimes they look very much like Arabs.
The present dynasty chief is his oldest son and he was before the mayor of the royal town in Landu area; nowadays called Sotimori.

19 Kingdoms on Rote

Rote Island is an island of Indonesia, part of the East Nusa Tenggara province of the Lesser Sunda Islands. According to legend, this island got its name accidentally when a lost Portuguese sailor arrived and asked a farmer where he was. The surprised farmer, who could not speak Portuguese, introduced himself, “Rote”.
The Rote tribe is one of the original inhabitants of Rote Island, some of whom are also settled on Timor Island. In addition, the Rote tribe also inhabit the islands around the island of Rote, namely Ndao Island, Nuse Island, Pamana Island, Doo Island, Heliana Island, Landu Island, Manuk Island, and other small islands. There are experts who argue, that the Rote people had previously migrated from Seram Island in Maluku.

1. Baa: founded 1691.
2. Bilba.
3. Bokai: founded 1756.
4. Dehla: Split off from Oenale and was founded 1800-an.
5. Dengka: The biggest kingdom on Rote.
6. Diu: at first under the power of Korbafo, founded 1691.
7. Keka: Keka split off from Termanu in 1772.
8. Korbafo
9. Landu: the oldest kingdom on the island Rote.
10. Lelain: After split off from Bokai, it was founded in 1690.
11. Lelenuk: split off from Termanu and founded 1772.
12. Loleh: berada di pulau Rote, barat-daya Timor. Ruled by Termanu tahun 1730.
13. Ndao
14. OEnale
15. OEpao: Founded in 1691.
16. Ringgouw: berada di Kepulauan Rote, barat daya Pulau Timor, didirikan pada 1691.
17. TalaE
18. Termanu
19. Thie: From 1730 until 1756, the Manek (kings) of Thie together with the Maneks of OEpao, Loleh, Baa and Lelain went to Jawa to learn about Christianity-religion.

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Kingdoms on Rote

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Manek (king) Matheos Jusuf Willem Johannes with family

7th from left: Yusuf William Johannis from Landu (1916-1961).

House of Manek (king) Matheos Yoesoef Johannis (left) from Landu,  1925. [sumber:KITLV]. Source: