Kingdom of Padang Galugur / Prov. Sumatera Utara

Kingdom of Padang Galugur is located on Sumatera, District Tapanuli Selatan, prov. of North Sumatera.

District Tapanuli Selatan

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History of the kingdom of Padang Galugur

There is only the information below about this kingdom.

Boru Namora Suri Andung Djati was the king of the Kingdom of Padang Galugur located in South Tapanuli. Boru Manora’s move to Pasir Pengaraian was caused because the Kingdom of Padang Galugur was attacked by the Kingdom of Siantar under the leadership of King Pulungan. In the attack the Kingdom of Padang Galugur suffered defeat and Boru Namora along with his people fled, to Tambusai area now. From Tambusai, they followed a new area, and finally settled in Pasir Pengaraian now precisely in Huta Haiti Sub Rambah.
Relics of Boru Namora are now only houses that were originally home to the Boru Namora family. Boru Namora’s transfer from South Tapanuli to Pasir Pengarayan was estimated in the 16th century AD.

House of the king

Basically, this building is similar to the traditional houses of the Mandailing tribe in southern Tapanuli with the shape of a residential house and / or house on stilts. In general, this house is made of easy materials such as wood, fibers. Framework of the house is all made of wood, including the walls, doors, windows, floors and poles of the house. Meanwhile, on the top (roof) using the fibers fibers as a roof.
On the west side of Rumah Suri Andung Djati there is a stage building, which is a Palace and also Balai Adat. This building has undergone a refurbishment by not changing the shape and location of the initial building is located. Changes, that have been experienced were only on changing materials from the building that has been damaged.
The walls of the building which originally came from the skin of ohon aren have been replaced with boards as well as the floor of the building. The size of this building has an area of ​​96 m2 length 12 m and width 8 m.
At first this building serves as a residence that according to the owner of the building established sekitan 17th century. Now this building is only used for traditional activities, especially in Huta / Desa Haiti.

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