Kingdom of Pebato / Prov. Sulawesi Tengah – Wilayah Poso

Kingdom of Pebato: located in the District Poso, prov. Sulawesi Tengah. This kingdom was under kerajaan Poso.

District Poso

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History of the kingdom

Google translation !

The Pebato people had to acknowledge two masters, namely Luwu and Sigi. To Napu seems to have a high instinct for war. They were often found rampant in other parts of the region which was actually a harsh offense at that time. They were rampant in Pebato, Lage, Onda’e and Wingke Poso. There are allegations that the aggression by To Napu was pressure from the King of Sigi, who had the ambition to control the entire central Sulawesi region to escape from the influence of the Luwu Kingdom and establish a new empire. However, this plan failed, because not all of the people of Lore supported the cause of kinship with To Poso.

In a situation of war between these two big powers, To Onda’e had an important role, as does To Napu. To Napu never penetrated To Onda’e’s defense area. By To Onda’e, To Napu is a hidden threat. This situation often sparked tensions between Onda’e and Pebato who gave To Napu the freedom to roam in his territory. So that the intention appeared to invite To Lage to press To Pebato. Playing this role, these two tribes became the “golden children” of two kingdoms with political interests. Luwu with his To Onda’e and Sigi with his To Napu. Meanwhile, To Pebato and To Lage are in the middle as “the middle man”.

Furthermore, it was their existence as intermediaries that presented influential figures in the Poso tribes. To borrow a term now, people who are mature in practical politics. The suspicion that this was the reason Kruyt had a lot of associations with Papa I Wunte in Pebato, Pap I Melempo from Tomasa, Papa I Ndori and Talasa, namely the To Lage leaders in Kalingua, apart from smoothing out the mission of the gospel.

Mokole Papa I Woente of Pebato, ruled until 1940 probably. Source: Kom Historia Tana Poso

Kingdoms in the region Poso


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Kingdoms on central Sulawesi (incl. Poso), 1909  

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