Sultanate of Banten / Jawa – Prov. Banten

The Sultanate of Banten: 1527–1813. Located on Java, in the province of Banten.

Location Banten around 1700

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About the King

Last Sultan: Muhammad bin Muhammad Muhyiddin Zainussalihin, 1809-1813.

There are 2 rival sultans (2017).

Info from mr. D. Tick (kerajaan indonesia): “The sultan dynasty of Banten also has 2 claimants.
One has title Tubagus (see my Facebook) and the other is Sultan Muda.”

1) Sultan Banten ke-18: Sultan Syarif Muhammad ash-Shafiuddin, Ratu Bagus Hendra Bambang Wisanggeni Soerjaatmadja.
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2) Sultan Muda kesultanan Banten: Sultan Ahmad Abbas Wase. He is responsible after the dead of Sultan Muda (3 maret 2016).

Sultan Banten the-18: Sultan Syarif Muhammad ash-Shafiuddin, Ratu Bagus Hendra Bambang Wisanggeni Soerjaatmadja.

Sultan Muda kesultanan Banten.













History of the sultanate of Banten

The Banten Sultanate was founded in the 16th century and centered in Banten, a port city on the northwest coast of Java; the contemporary English spelling of both was Bantam. It is said to have been founded by Sunan Gunung Jati, who had previously founded Cirebon.
Once a great trading center in Southeast Asia, especially of pepper, its importance was overshadowed by Batavia.
On 22 November 1808, Daendels declared from his headquarters in Serang that the Sultanate of Banten had been absorbed into the territory of the Dutch East Indies. In 1813 Banten Sultanate ceased to exist when Thomas Stamford Raffles forced Sultan Muhamad Syafiuddin to give up his throne. This was the final blow that marked the end of Sultanate of Banten.

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Jawa 1700. Sultanate of Banten during the reign of Maulana Hasanuddin

List of kings

* 1552-1570: Maulana Hasanuddin  or Pangeran Sabakingkin
* 1570-1858: Maulana Yusuf or Pangeran Pasareyan, (engl.: link)
* 1585-1596: Maulana Muhgammad or Pangeran Sedangrana
*  1596-1647: Sultan Abu-al-Mafakhir Mahmud Abdulkadir or Pangeran Ratu
* 1647-1651: Sultan Abu-al-Ma’ali Ahmad

* 1651-1682: Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa or Sultan Abu al-Fath Abdul Fattah, (engl.: link)
* 1683-1687: Sultan Haji or Sultan Abu Nashar Abdul Qahar
* 1687-1690: Sultan Abu Fadhl Muhammad Yahya
* 1690-1733: Sultan Abul Mahasin Muhammad Zainul Abidin
* 1733-1747: Sultan Abul Fathi Muhammad Syifa Zainul Arifin

* 1747-1750: Ratu Syarifah Fatimah
* 1753-1773: Sultan Arif Zainul Asyigin al-Qadiri
* 1773-1799: Sultan Abul Mafakhir Muhammad Aliuddin
* 1799-1803: Sultan Abul Fath Muhammad Muhyiddin Zainussalihin
* 1803-1808: SultanAbul Nashar Muhammad Ashaq Zainulmutaqin
* 1809-1813: Sultan Muhammad bin Muhammad Muhyiddin Zainussalihin
He was exiled to Surabaya untill he died in 1899; he was buried in Pemakaman Boto Putih Surabaya.

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There are 2 Palaces / Keraton

1) Keraton Kaibon

Kaibon was the main building in the Sultanate of Banten (1526-1684), apart from the palace complex Surosowan as the center of government.
Kaibon Palace was the palace  of Ratu Aisha, the mother of Sultan Syaifuddin.
In 1832, the Dutch destroyed it during a battle against the Kingdom of Banten.

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2) Keraton Surosowan

Long time ago, this palace was the most important place for Banten people. Here lived the sultans of Banten, since Sultan Maulana Hasanudin (1552) to Sultan Haji who was on throne in 1672-1687.
It was the second sultan, Sultan Maulana Hasanudin, who ordered the building of this palace in 1526.
The first destruction was in the time of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa (1680). The palace was burnt down when the sultanate fought against the Dutch. The palace was rebuilt in 1680-1681 (R. Cecep Eka Permana, 2004). In 1808, the Surosowan Palace was destroyed by the Nederlandshe Indische colonial administration along with other palaces including Kaibon Palace.
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