Kingdom of Sidenreng / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan – Kab. Sidenreng-Rappang

The kingdom of Sidenreng was a kingdom of the Bugis People; located in Kab. Sidenreng-Rappang. South Sulawesi.
The Rappang Kingdom and the Sidenreng Kingdom are twin kingdoms ruled by two kings, brothers. Therefore, there is no clear boundary separating the two kingdoms. The Rappang Kingdom was part of the Ajatappareng Confederation.
The title of the king is Arung.

District Sidenreng-Rappang

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Revival of the kingdom Sidenreng, 2012

25 febr. 2020
Ir H. Andi Faisal Andi Sapada has been officially installed as the 25th Addatuang of Sidenreng.
A number of Kings throughout the Archipelago and a number of Kings from South Sulawesi also attended this sacred procession of Addatuang Sidenreng.

20 October 2019
The 24th Addatuang Sidenreng, Haji Andi Patiroi Pawiccangi passed away, Sunday, October 20 2019.

22 dec. 2012
Installation of Yang Mulia Paduka (YMP) Haji Andi Patiroi Pawiccangi as Addatuang Sidenreng 24th.
He is the grandson of the last  Addatuang of Sidenreng, Petta La Cibu.

Ir H. Andi Faisal Andi Sapa,da the 25th Addatuang of Sidenreng, installed 25 febr. 2020


The 24th Addatuang Sidenreng, Haji Andi Patiroi Pawiccangi passed away, 20-10-2019.

About the kingdom

Addituang Sidenreng has a long history as a well-respected Bugis kingdom in South Sulawesi since the 14th century, besides the kingdoms of Luwu, Bone, Gowa, Soppeng, and Wajo.

Sidenreng Rappang originally consisted of two kingdoms, the kingdom of Rappang and the kingdom of Sidenreng. The two kingdoms were very familiar. So familiar, that it is hard to find demarcation. Even in matters of royal succession, both could succeed in the other kingdom. Often the king of Sidenreng choose someone of the kingdom of Rappang to succeed. Vice versa, if the seat of the kingdom of Rappang was empty, they choose someone from Sidenreng. That is why it is difficult to find the dividing line of the two kingdoms. Dialects are of the same language, everyday language is also similar. Rappang region was in the northern part, while the kingdom Sidenreng was located in the southern part.

Both kingdoms had their own system of government. In the kingdom Sidenreng the title of the king was Addatuang. In the Addatuang government, decisions came from three sources namely, the king, the adat stakeholder and the people. While in the kingdom of Rappang the king hold the title of Arung of Rappang and leaning the government joints on the aspirations of the people. Democracy had been implemented in every policy decision. Democracy for the kingdom of Rappang is something very important, one form of democracy is the rejection of gender discrimination.

At the time of recognition of the sovereignty of the Indonesian republic by the Dutch on 27 December 1949, the Sidenreng Kingdom and the Kingdom of Rappang ended.

Map of South Sulawesi (incl. Sidenreng), 1909 

List of kings of Sidenreng

There are several versions. See link.

About the Confederation of Ajatappareng

The Confederation of Ajatappareng consisted of the kingdoms Suppa, Sawitto, Sidenreng, Rappang dan Alitta.
The Confederation of Ajatappareng was a form of a partnership agreement between 5 kingdoms of South Sulawesi. This Confederation was founded in the 16th century.
The Confederation of Ajatappareng was formed to create prosperity and peace in order to organize the common life in Ajatappareng area.
The formation of this partnership was also in response to the increasing external demand for export commodities, along with the presence of foreign traders, especially Malay traders in the region.
For full history, click here

Video installation of the Addatuang of Sidenreng on 25 febr. 2020

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