Kingdom of Watu Mendonga / Prov. Sulawesi Tenggara, Wilayah Konawe

The kingdom of Watumendonga is located on Sulawesi, provinsi Sulawesi Tenggara, wilayah Konawe.

District of Konawe

Prov. of South East Sulawesi

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History of the kingdom

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Before the kingdom of Konawe appeared, there had been several small kingdoms: Padangguni domiciled in Abuki at that time, its king was the mokole of Bunduwula. The kingdom of Besulutu in Besulutu with its king named Mombeeti, and the kingdom of Wawolesea in Toreo with its king Wasangga. Based on the oral tradition or oral tradition of the Tolaki community long before the Konawe empire was formed. In this area were several small kingdoms. They integrated into a confederation of the Konawe kingdom.

The Kingdom of Watumendonga was located on the head of the Konawe Eha river located in Tonga Una and this kingdom at that time was still under the kingdom of Konawe. In the next period the kingdom of Watumendonga joined the Mekongga kingdom. At that time the northern Konawe region such as Kondeeha, Tawanga, Sanggona was given to the Mekongga kingdom as an inheritance to Wunggabae’s son of Buburanda Sabandara Latoma named Buburanda upon his marriage to Bokeo Teporambe son of Bokeo Lombo-Lombo. As the last leader named Mokole Lapanggili.

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