Kingdom of Kabaena / Prov. Sulawesi Tenggara – Kab. Bombana

The kingdom Kabaena is a kingdom of the Moronene People, located on the island of Kabaena, District Bombana. South east Sulawesi.
The title of the king is Mokole.

District Bombana

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About the king

July 15 2018
Kasman officially became the 30th Mokole of Kabaena with the title Paduka Yang Mulia (PYM) Apua Mokole Kasman Lanota Sangia dai Bolonangka.


Anakia Kotu’a Day Tonga Lere XVI (Pewaris Trah Day Tonga Lere).

History of the kingdom

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The kingdom of Kabaena was a part of the Bombana kingdom.
The Kingdom of Bombana had historical and cultural ties to the Kingdom of Luwu. King (Mokole). The first king of Bombana, Mokole Dendeangi was the Sawerigading sibling (King Luwu). Then, the Kingdom of Bombana was broken into three small sduring the reign of Mokole Bombana Ke-III, Mokole Nungkulangi. Having three inheritors, the Kingdom of Bombana was broken into three kingdoms, namely:
* kingdom of Kabaena (ruled by Ratu Indaulu as Mokole Kabaena Ke-I or Raja Bombana IV),
* Kerajaan Rumbia (ruled by Ratu Tina Sio Ropa as Mokole Rumbia Ke-I or Raja Bombana IV),
* Kerajaan Poleang (ruled by king Ririsao as Mokole Poleang Ke-I or Raja Bombana IV). This division also ended the era of Bombana Kingdom hierarchy, and the beginning of the third era of the kingdom.

Location of Kabaena

Throughout the history of the Kingdom of Kabaena had been by reigned 25 Mokoles. Some of the famous Mokole are Ratu Indaulu, Mokole Maligana titled Rangka Ea, Mokole Manjawari titled Lapati / Sapati Rampagau, and Mokole Haji Muhammad Yasin titled Dai Pu’u Wheels. But of these four Mokole’s the most famous is Mokole Manjawari. In the period of Mokole Manjawari’s leadership, he succeeded in resisting the attack of Tobelo troops which were about to attack the islands of Buton, Muna and Kabaena. In the history of Southeast Sulawesi is known the story of three knights (read: the story of three knights), namely Mokole Manjawari, Murhum son of King Sugimanuru Lakilaponto Muna, and King Luwu. All three managed to hold back as well as repelling the troops Tobelo.
Therefore, the power of Mokole Manjawari was increasingly strengthened in the Kabaena and Selayar areas. That is why Mokole Manjawari, king the 7th of Kabaena, was given the title of Sapati Rampagau and Selu Selayar with territories covering Kabaena and Selayar.

Mokole of Kabaena XII (Mokanda Haji Djamaluddin i Mbuentama Motu’a)`.


Olondoro was the capital of Kabaena during the administration of the district in Kabaena in 1910 until 1938. But the capital was founded in the year 1890 ie from the period Mokole / king Kabaena under the government i Ntawu Haji Muhammad Yasir with the title Mbue Salama Hadia.

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Kingdom of Kabaena. Mokole Daidama


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