Kingdom of Ujung Loe / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan – Kab. Bulukumba

The kingdom of Ujung Loe was a kingdom on Sulawesi, District Bulukumba, prov. South Sulawesi, under Arung Mangkau Bone, since 1741.

District Bulukumba

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History of the kingdom

Around 1741, the deliberations of the adat stakeholders initiated by Petta Nompo and Mattupuang Petta Kelo agreed jointly to be united by establishing a small kingdom, which was subordinate to the Kingdom of Mangkau Bone which was later named “UJUNG LOE”;  this was the beginning of Akkarungeng ri Ujung Loe.

With the support of the Dutch East Indies Colonial at that time Edge Loe officially became a Kingdom, and Mattuppuang Petta Kelo Bin Massalomo Petta Nompo was officially inducted into Arung (King I) at Ujung Loe.


Descendents of the royal family of Ujung Loe

History kingdoms in area Bulukumba

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Begin of the sixteenth century was the beginning of the development of small kingdoms in Bulukumba in terms of economy, defense and, as well, could exercise their power so well as ruler of the kingdom. It’s just that threats and challenges often come and go.
The first kingdom in Bulukumba was Kajang Amma Toa. There are some other small kingdoms in Bulukumba.
Some of these small kingdoms in Bulukumba were:
* Kingdom of Tanete,
* Kingdom of (Gantarang) Kindang,
* Kingdom of Hero Langnge-langnge,
* Kingdom of Ujung Loe,
Kingdom of Kajang,
* Kingdom of Tiro,
* kerajaan Ara Bontohari.

In the 16th-17th century the kingdom of Bone and the kingdom of Gowa fought in the seizure of power territory ie bangkeng buki ‘area, which is in the area of Bulukumba now.
Finally, these two kingdoms re-reconcile and supported the kings in Bulukumba to maintain their territories.
Because they already know the cunning of the Dutch and its allies, they pitted all the kings to fight each other. Because the Dutch thought if all the kingdom were united, it is more difficult to master them.

Map of South Sulawesi, incl. Bulukumba, 1909

List of kings

After officially becoming a subordinate kingdom of Arung Mangkau Bone, Ujung Loe Kingdom until the reign of the District had inaugurated several Kings (Karaeng) and Head of District:

* 1741-1800: Mattupuang Petta Kelo, first king (died 1825)
* 1800-1874: Mappauwara Petta Siki, king the 2nd, Karaeng Bukku’e
* 1874-1921: Mapparola Petta Tunru, king the 3d (Karaeng Toa)
* 1921: Mappajaji Petta Pada, pelaksana Karaeng Ujung Loe
* 1921: Puang Manggong, pelaksana Karaeng Ujung Loe
* 1921-1935: Puang Nanrang, king the 4th
* 1935-1945: Andi Abd. Ganing, king the 5th
* 1945-1952: Andi Oentoeng, head of District I Ujung Loe
* 1952-1962: Andi Baso Tandaramang, head of District Ujung Loe II.


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