Kingdom of Pudjananti / Prov. Sulawesi Tengah, kab. Donggala

The kingdom of Pudjananti, was located in the District Donggala, prov. Central Sulawesi. It was one of three old kingdoms during the kingdoms of Majapahit and Singasari. The other 2 old kingdoms were Banggai and Sigi.

Prov. Sulawesi Tengah

District Donggala

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About the kingdom of Pudjananti


Pudjananti, was one of three old kingdoms in Central Sulawesi during the Majapahit and Singasari period, the other 2 kingdoms were the Kingdom of Banggai (Benggawi) and Sigi.

In their historical legend, the Donggala people believe that the Ganti region (Pujananti) was one of Sawerigading’s roaming areas; the Kaili people in reciting a name ending in “ng”, is always not mentioned, so that Pudjananting is called Pudjananti. Similarly the Sawerigading title in Bugis language of Kaili is spelled Sawerigadi by removing “ng”.