Kingdom of Mallusetasi / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan – Kab. Barru

The kingdom of Malusetasi was located on Sulawesi, District of Barru, prov. South Sulawesi.
The title of the king is Aru.

District of Barru

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History of the kingdom

Before founding the Kabupaten of Barru, there were in that region several small kingdoms, each headed by a king, namely: the kingdoms of Berru (Barru), Tanete, Soppeng Riaja and Mallusetasi.

Before the independence of Indonesia, these 4 regions formed 4Self Afdelling bestuur” (semi-independent) in the Afdeling of Pare Pare, namely:
1) Former Self bestuur Mallusetasi became the kecamatan Mallusetasi, with as capital Palanro,
2) Former Self bestuur Soppeng Riaja which is an amalgamation 4 Lili kingdom under the former Kingdom Soppeng (Now Soppeng) For The Self bestuur, is the former Kingdom of Siddo Lili, LiliKiru Kiru, and Lili Lili Ajakkang Balusu.
3) Former Self bestuur Barru which now became the Kecamatan of Barru with as capital Sumpang Binangae,
4) Former Self bestuur Tanete with as capital Pancana.
Arung (king) Malusetassi, Andi Tjalo bin la Saddapotoraja, 1941-1950.

List of kings

Rulers (Aru)

* 1906 – 1917: I Samatana (f)
* 1917 – 1932: I Makung
* 1932 – 1950: Andi Calo

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Map kingdoms on South Sulawesi, 1909 


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