Kingdom of Mallusetasi / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan – Kab. Barru

The kingdom of Malusetasi was located on Sulawesi, District of Barru, prov. South Sulawesi. This kingdom was founded in 1906.
The title of the king is Aru.

District of Barru

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History of the kingdom

Long before the arrival of the Dutch East Indies government, in the Mallusetasi area there were four small independent and self-governing businesses, namely:
1) kingdom of Nepo, which again oversees smaller kingdoms/akkarungeng such as Manuba (onyi), Mareppang and Palanro,
2) kingdom of Soreang whose area covers part of Parepare City now
3) kingdom of Bacukiki and
4) kingdom of Bojo.
These four kingdoms are joined in a bond called “LILI PASSIAJING” which was coordinated by Addatuang Sidenreng.
Around 1900 the Dutch succeeded in occupying Bone, in 1905 they attacked Soppeng and succeeded in occupying the kingdom but received fierce resistance.
In 1906 the Mallusetasi Kingdom was formed  of the kingdoms of Soreang, Bacukiki, Bojo and Nepo, with the first king being Arung Nepo I Simatana.
Arung (king) Malusetassi, Andi Tjalo bin la Saddapotoraja, 1941-1950.

List of kings

Rulers (Aru)

* 1906 – 1917: I Samatana (f)
* 1917 – 1932: I Makung
* 1932 – 1950: Andi Calo

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Map kingdoms on South Sulawesi, 1909 

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