Kingdom of Tapalang / Prov. Sulawesi Barat – Kab. Mamuju

The kingdom of Tapalang was a kingdom of the Mandar People. Part of the Pitu Baqbana Binanga. Located in the District Mamuju, prov. West Sulawesi.
The title of the king was: Maradia.

District Mamuju

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History of the kingdom

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Talking about the history of the origin of Tappalang, there are several versions. including that in ancient times around the 12th century AD, a man known as Tambuli Bassi with a group travelled from Tabulahang through Tanete Tambottu until he finally arriveded at a place, that is known by the local community by the name of Karatuang. This was the end of the journey of Tambuli Bassi and with a stick made of golden bamboo he said in the dialect Padi (Pitu Ulunna Salu): “diam inde tampa lalangtaq” or here is the end of our journey, so Tampalang atua Tappalang is the end of the road.

Mara’dia of Tapalang, Pattana Abstinence Abdal Hafid (1934-1936).
The Tapalang kingdom was one of the self-governing kingdoms of Pitu Ba’bana Binanga (Zelfbestuurder).
In the picture, Pattana Pantang Abdal Hafid (black clothes) is flanked by two Dutch East Indies officials, and on the right (wearing black glasses) Mara’dia Mamuju Jalala Ammana Inda in Tapalang.
Source: Nur Kasim, FB.

List of kings

c.1820 Tapalang state founded.

* c.1820 – 1850: Gunung
* 1850 – 1860: Tomappelei Asuginna
* 1860 – 1867: Puwa Caco Tomanggang Gagallang Patta-ri Malunda
* 1867 – 1889: Na E Sukur
* 1889 – 1892: Pabanari Daeng Natonga
* 1892 – 1908: Andi Musa Paduwa Limba
* 1908 – 1934: Bustari Patani Lantang
* 1934 – 1936: Pattana Pantang Abdal Havid

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17 Kingdoms of the Mandar People

Mandar tribe consists of 17 kingdoms: 7 kingdoms called “Pitu Ulunna Salu”, 7 kingdoms called “Pitu ba’bana binanga” and 3 kingdoms called “Kakarunna Tiparittiqna Uhai”.

The seven kingdoms belonging to Persekutuan Pitu Ulunna Salu are:

1 Kingdom of Rante Bulahang
2 Kingdom of Aralle
3 Kingdom of Tabulahan
4 Kingdom of Mambi
5 Kingdom of Matangnga
6 Kingdom of Tabang
7 Kingdom of Bambang

Seven kingdoms belonging to Persekutuan Pitu Baqbana Binanga are :

1 Kingdom of Balanipa
2 Kingdom of Sendana
3 Kingdom of Banggae
4 Kingdom of Pamboang
5 Kingdom of Tapalang
6 Kingdom of Mamuju
7 Kingdom of Binuang.

Three kingdoms belonging to Kakaruanna Tiparittiqna Uhai or the region of Lembang Mappi are:

1. Kingdom of Allu
2. Kingdom of Tuqbi
3. Kingdom of Taramanuq

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Pitu Ulunna Salu:
Pitu Ulunna Salu:
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Pitu Baqbana Binanga:


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