Principality of Gebang / Prov. Jawa Barat – Kab. Cirebon

The principality of Gebang exists since the 16th century. It was located on Jawa, Kab. Cirebon, prov. Jawa Barat.  The first Prince of Gebang was Prince Wira Sutajaya.

Location of Gebang

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About the prince today (2020)

Pangeran (prince): Pangeran Sudewa Alibassa of Gebang

History of the principality, since 16th century

The first Pangeran (prince) of Gebang was Pangeran Wira Sutajaya, installed by Sunan Gunung Jati of Cirebon (ca. 1527-1580).
In 1689, the Gebang area was designated as a protectorate area of VOC Company, covering the Cirebon coastal area in the north to Cijulang in the south and the west by the Cirebon Sultanate and the east with the Sultanate of Mataram. Prince Sutajaya was given the right to govern the territories or tribes in the area of the Principate of Gebang.
Prince Sutajaya was the son of Aria Wirasuta, the grandson of Prince Paserean, the great grandson of Susuhunan Gunung Jati. Keraton Gebang was founded by Prince Sutajaya as the center of Gebang government and also functioned for the logistic warehouse of the Sultanate of Mataram in order to invade Batavia. Jan Pieterzoon Coen knows this and then sends troops to destroy it.
After this incident, Prince Sutajaya married his daughter named Queen Agung with Prince Sujatmaningrat or Prince of the Bride of Kanoman Sultanate. In 1860 Prince Sujatmaningrat established a new palace as a substitute palace destroyed by the Dutch who until now still stand and called the Palace Gebang.

List of Pangeran (prince)

1. Syech Syarif Hidayatullaah Al Azmat Khan Al Husaini (Sungsuhunan Gunung Jati Cirebon)
2. Pangeran Muhammad ‘Arifin Al Azmat Khan Al Husaini (Pangeran Pasarean)
3. Panembahan Wirasuta Gebang
4. Pangeran Sutajaya-1
5. Pangeran Sutajaya-2
6. Pangeran Sutajaya-3
7. Pangeran Matang Jimat
8. Raden Salijan Singaperwata-1
9. Raden Muhammad Abdullah Singaperwata-2, (grave is in Desa Tapaan Pasuruan Jawa Timur)
10. Raden Muhammad Tohir/ Anwar Suryandaru, (grave is in Desa Tapaan Pasuruan Jawa Timur)
11. Raden Muhammad Teguh Djoko Pribadi
12. Raden Muhammad Lutfi Jabbar

The palace

Prince Sujatmaningrat (Prince Panganten) built a house in Gebang Kulon Village. This house is now known as the Keraton Gebang, with the emblem of a white elephant statue. Now the palace is used as a home of descendants of the family of the Prince of the Bride. Location: Gebang Kulon Village, Gebang District.

Gebang Palace, the main building.

Source (only indon. language)

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Pangeran of Gebang 2016


Family of the pangeran of Gebang (front middle). Year ?


Pangeran of Gebang 2016

The keraton

Keraton of Gebang, main building

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