Sultanate of Sambas / Prov. Kalimantan Barat

The Sultanate of Sambas: 1671 – 1950.
Located in West Kalimantan Province, district of Sambas. Before there was the Ancient Kingdom of Sambas, 1300 – 1675.
The title of the king is: Pangeran Ratu.

District of Sambas

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About the king

Pangeran ratu Winata Kesuma died.

Pangeran Ratu Muhammad Tarhan Winata Kesuma, son of Pangeran Ratu Winata Kusuma became king of Sambas. At that time he was still a minor.

History of the sultanate of Sambas

At first governed by governors, Sambas became a kingdom in 1609 with the descendant of Sepudak. She married one of her daughters to a prince of Sultan Muhammad Hassan of Brunei, Prince Tengah whom later became the first and the last Sultan of Sarawak for Bruneian Empire. The child of this union, Muhammad Saif ud-din I became the first Muslim Sultan of Sambas.
Sambas remained independent until the era of the Dutch East India Company, when the capital was bombarded in 1812. The Dutch took control in 1819, leading into frequent minglings into succession, deposing and exiling Abu Bakar Taj ud-din II to Java.
Umar Akam ud-din III, the Sultan of Sambas (1854-1866).

The state was stable, featuring strong, durable leaders, until the Japanese conquest of 1942, when Sultan Muhammad Ibrahim Shafi ud-din II was executed in the Pontianak Incident at Mandor in 1944. The Sultanate was thereafter suspended and replaced by a Japanese council. It returned with the return of the Dutch in 1946. They installed another Sultan, who died in 1956, ending the line.
From 1984, the head of the Royal House was Winata Kusuma of Sambas, who was recognised as Sultan in 2000 and installed in July 2001. He died in 2008.

Kingdoms on West Kalimantan

List of kings

* 1671 – 1682: Sultan Muhammad Shafiuddin I bin Sultan Ibrahim Ali Omar Shah ( Sultan Tengah )
* 1682 – 1718: Sultan Muhammad Tajuddin bin Sultan Muhammad Shafiuddin I
* 1718 – 1732: Sultan Umar Aqamaddin I bin Sultan Muhammad Tajuddin
* 1732 – 1762: Sultan Abubakar Kamaluddin bin Sultan Umar Aqamaddin I
* 1762 – 1786) dan (1793 – 1802): Sultan Umar Aqamaddin II bin Sultan Abubakar Kamaluddin

* 1786 – 1793: Sultan Achmad Tajuddin bin Sultan Umar Aqamaddin II
* 1802 – 1815: Sultan Abubakar Tajuddin I bin Sultan Umar Aqamaddin II
* 1815 – 1828: Sultan Muhammad Ali Shafiuddin I bin Sultan Umar Aqamaddin II
* 1828- 1832: Sultan Usman Kamaluddin bin Sultan Umar Aqamaddin II
* 1832 – 1846: Sultan Umar Aqamaddin III bin Sultan Umar Aqamaddin II

* 1846 – 1854: Sultan Abu Bakar Tajuddin II bin Sultan Muhammad Ali Shafiuddin I
* 1854 – 1866: Sultan Umar Kamaluddin bin Sultan Umar Aqamaddin III
* 1866 – 1924: Sultan Muhammad Shafiuddin II bin Sultan Abubakar Tajuddin II
* 1924 – 1926: Sultan Muhammad Ali Shafiuddin II bin Sultan Muhammad Shafiuddin II
* 1931 – 1944: Sultan Muhammad Ibrahim Shafiuddin bin Pangeran Adipati Achmad bin Sultan Muhammad Shafiuddin II ( Sultan Sambas Terakhir )
*  1944 – 1984: Pangeran Ratu Muhammad Taufik bin Sultan Muhammad Ibrahim Shafiuddin (Kepala Rumah Tangga Istana Kesultanan Sambas)
* 2000 – 2008: Pangeran Ratu Winata Kusuma bin Pangeran Ratu Muhammad Taufik (Kepala Rumah Tangga Istana Kesultanan Sambas)

* sejak 2008: Pangeran Ratu Muhammad Tarhan bin Pangeran Ratu Winata Kesuma sebagai Pewaris Kepala Rumah Tangga Istana Kesultanan Sambas.

The palace of the kingdom: Istana Alwatzikhoebillah

Alwatzikhoebillah Palace was newly built during the reign of Sultan Muhammad Mulia Ibrahim Syafiuddin (1931-1943), sultan the 15th of the Sambas Sultanate. The construction of the palace was relatively short, from 1933 to 1935. It was said that the cost of which reached 65,000 guilders was a loan from the Sultanate of Kutai Kartanegara.

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