Kingdom of Palanro / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan – region city of Pare Pare

The kingdom of Palanro is located on Sulawesi, region of the city of Pare Pare, prov. South Sulawesi.

City of Pare Pare

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History of the kingdom

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In the 19th century Mallusetasi entered Onder Afdeling Parepare, which consisted of several kingdoms: Kingdom Nepo, Palanro, Bojo, Bacukiki (now enter Parepare region).

In that century there was the marriage of a man named La Samaili from the kingdom of Palanro with a woman named I Makkatutu, a Nepo kingdom resident. Both of these people had family backgrounds.
From this marriage were born two children, 1 woman named I Balobo and 1 man named La Tanring. Both children were raised with full love and affection and remained harmonious and in the household, prosper at the stage of community life on the size of lifestyle and livelihood of the past. Both still possessed paddy fields and extensive gardens of inheritance from their parents.
In those days, in both kingdoms (Palanro and Nepo), schools had not been established. The first People’s School Building was established only grade I to class III in 1924 in Palanro, while the figure above lived in the period 1870 – 1905. This character is educated by the family environment and nature. Ordered by nature with all its natures.

Kingdoms on South Sulawesi, 1909

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