Sultanate of Bila(h) / Prov. Sumatera Utara

Sultanate of Bila(h): 1630 – 1946. Located in Kab. Labuhanbatu, province of north Sumatera.
This sultanate exists since 1623.

District of Labuhanbatu

Province of North Sumatera 

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History of the sultanate

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Sultan Tahir Indra was the first king to lead the kingdom of Bilah, which was in 1623.
Dutch colonizers entered the area of Labuhan Batu in 1825.
Before the Dutch colonization entered Labuhanbatu area, Labuhanbatu’s government system was monarchy, the Head of Government was called Sultan or King, who was assisted by a Bendahara Paduka Sri Maharaja, who served as Head of everyday Government (sort of Prime Minister).
The sultanates in the Regency of Labuhanbatu at that time consisted of four sultanates, namely:

  1. Sultanate of Kota Pinang located in Kota Pinang
  2. Sultanate of Kualuh located in Tanjung Pasir
  3. Sultanate of Panai located in Labuhan Bilik
  4. Sultanate of Bilah located in Negeri Lama.
  5. A half-independent kingdom of Kampung Raja located in Tanjung Medan.

After the murder of Sutan Musa around 1617, all his children were forced to flee.
One of his sons named Raja Tahir, fell to Bandar Kumbol, in the upper river of Bilah. The things that happened on his arrival to the area, are difficult to trace clearly. However, according to the journey of historical records, King Tahir with the title Indar Alam, became the first king of Bilah, upstream of the Bilah river, Barumun (Panai), now in Bilah Hulu Subdistrict, Kab. Labuhanbatu.
At the time of Sutan Tahir Indera Alam became the first king of the Kingdom of Bilah (ca. 1623), its territory covered the territory of small kingdoms, like: kingdoms of Rantau Prapat, Siringo-ringo, Sihare-hare (Sigambal), Mt. Maria, Bandar Kumbol, Sibargot, Tanjung Medan (upstream river Bilah), Kuala Pinarik, Merbau, and others.

List of kings

* 1630-1650: Tohir Indra Alam I.
* 1650-1670: Unus, son of Tohir Indra Alam
* 1670-1690: Sulung, son of Unus
* 1690-1700: Interregnum
* 1700-1720: Sulung Riau, son of Sulungs
* 1720-1760: Bidar Alam I, brother of Sukung Riaus
* 1760-1785: Indra Alam II, son of Bidar Alams I.
* 1785-1800: Rahmat Shah, son of Indra Alams II,
* 1800-1835: Bidar Alam II, son of Rahmat Shahs,
* 1835-1865: Bidar Alam III, son of Bidar Alams II,
* 1865-1904: Bidar Alam IV, son of Bidar Alams III,
* 1904-1946: Bidar Alam V, son of Bidar Alams IV. (1904-1946)

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Map of kingdoms in North Sumatera, 19th century (incl. Bilah)

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