Kingdom of Buntu Batu / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan, Kab. Enrekang

The Kingdom of Buntu Batu was a kingdom on Sulawesi, in the Enrekang region. South Sulawesi.
The title of the king is Arung.

Region of Enrekang

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History of the Enrekang region

Historically, Kabupaten Enrekang (14th century) was a big kingdom, called Malepong Bulan. This kingdom became later part of the federation, that consisted of 7 regions / kingdoms, better known as the federation “Pitu Massenrempulu”, among others, the Kingdom of Tallu Batu Papan (Duri). This kingdom was a federtion of:  Buntu Batu, Malua, Alla’. Buntu Batu was ruled by Arung/Puang Buntu Batu, Malua was ruled by Arung/Puang Malua, and Alla’ was ruled by Arung Alla’.

King Kapataha Malindring (Puang Pasalin, 1780 – 1800) as Arung of Duri split the kingdom into 3 regions for his children:
* Buntu Batu,
* Malua,
* Alla.

As a result of the politicy of divide et impera of the Dutch government, this area was divided (Decree of the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands – Korte Verkaling). Some form of government in the region Massenrempulu ‘at that time, namely the Kingdom of Buntu Batu. This was about 1905.

Map of South Sulawesi 1909 


List of kings

King Kapataha Malindring (Puang Pasalin, 1780 – 1800) as Arung of Duri divided the kingdom in 3 regions for his children:

1) Arung Alla
2) Arung Maluwa
3) Arung Buntu Batu

There are 2 versions of list of kings

Version I, Arung of Buntu Batu:
– Sumber:

* 1800-1830: Puang Kadere
* 1830-1840: Puang Batahan
* 1840-1860: Puang Botto
* 1860-1880: Puang Madatta
* 1940-1945: Puang Jalante




Versi II,  Arung of Buntu Batu:
– Sumber:

* Raja Buntu Batu I: Arung Buntu Batu (Puang Kadere’)
* Raja Buntu Batu II: Arung Buntu Batu II (Puang Pongko)
* 1780-1835: Raja Buntu Batu III: Arung Buntu Batu III (Puang Mangolo)
* 1835-1885: Raja Buntu Batu IV: Arung Buntu Batu IV (Puang Buttu)
* 1885-1940: Raja Buntu Batu V: Arung Buntu Batu V (Puang Bangun)
* 1941-1945: Raja Buntu Batu VI (Puang Jalante).

Source (only indon. language)

Sejarah Tallu Batu Papan (Duri):
– Sejarah Tallu Batu Papan (Duri):
Daftar Raja versi 1 (Komunitas Buntu Batu):
– Daftar Raja versi 2:
– Sejarah kabupaten Enrekang (dan Buntu Batu):