Kingdom of Tulang Bawang / Sumatera, Prov. Lampung

The kingdom of Tulang Bawang (century 4-6) was a kingdom, located in Sumatera, District Tulang Bawang, Prov. Lampung.

District Tulang Bawang

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About the king

Present king: 2012: Abdurrachman Sarbini was installled as king of Tulang Bawang.
The king was installed  in 2012.

History of the kingdom of Tulang Bawang, 4th-6th century

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The kingdom of Tulang Bawang is a kingdom that once existed in Lampung. The kingdom was located in the vicinity Tulang Bawang regency, Lampung now. Not a lot of historical records, that provide information about the kingdom. Chinese travelers, who visited the archipelago in the seventh century, which I Tsing, who is a Buddhist pilgrim, in a note stating never stop in p’o-To-Lang Hwang (“Tulangbawang”), an inland kingdom Chrqse (Sumatra). But more Tulangbawang is one Indigenous Unity. Tulang Bawang who have had glory in VII century AD.

No one has been able to ensure the center of the kingdom Tulang Bawang, but historian Dr. JW Naarding estimate royal center is located in the upstream Way Tulang Bawang (between Menggala and Pagardewa) within a radius of approximately 20 km from the city center Menggala.
Along with the growing empire Che-Li-p’o Chie (Sriwijaya), the name of the kingdom of Tulang Bawang faded. There is no historical record of this kingdom that there is a story known by hereditary custom penyimbang, but due to the customary embrace Pepadun Tulang Bawang, which allows any audience to reign in this community, the Indigenous leader in power always changing changing breeds. Until now there has been discovered archaeological objects which tells about the flow of this kingdom.

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Sumatera, 1707

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