Kingdom of Manado / Prov. Sulawesi Utara – Kota Manado

The kingdom of Manado: 1500 – 1678. Located in the region of City of Manado, prov. North Sulawesi. Around the 13th century, existed the Bowontehu kingdom. When the Bowontehu kingdom disappeared, in 1500-1678 the Manado kingdom was established.

City of Manado

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History of the kingdom

On the island of Manado, which later changed its name Manado Tua, around the 13th century once existed the kingdom of Bowontehu. When the kingdom of Bowontehu vanished, in 1500-16878 there was the kingdom of Manado from 1500-1678, but not the land Manado previously called Wenang.
The Portuguese sailor Simao d’Abreu was the first, who discovered Manado in 1523. The kingdom of Manado at that time encompassed the islands around Minahasa and along the Minahasa coast.

The kingdom of Manado was lost due to the wars, that occurred with the kings of Bolaang, as well as the disputes and the lack of foodstuffs, caused by rampant apes, according to the memory of Padtbrugge 1682.
In the era of the Dutch colonial government, the city of Manado was designated as residency. Manado residency consisted of Minahasa, Bolaang Mongondow, Gorontalo, and its center was Manado as part of Minahasa region. In 1824, based on the decision of Governor-General Van der Cepellen, dated June 14, 1824, Number 10 (stblt 28 a), Manado was determined to be a defenitive residency loose from Ternate; Johanes Wensel was appointed as his resident.
The kingdom of Manado is lost due to the wars that occurred with the Bolaang kings, as well as the disputes and also the lack of foodstuffs caused by rampant apes.

Map of Minahasa (incl. Manado) 1873

List of kings

* 1644: Raja Don Fernando,
* 1644-1670: Raja Loloda Mokoagouw as last king.

Source (only in indon. language)

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