Kingdom of Galesong / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan, Kab. Takalar

The Kingdom of Galesong is located in the district of Takalar. South Sulawesi.
The title of the kiing is Karaeng.

Lokasi Galesong

Provinsi of South Sulawesi Selatan

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About the King

Present Karaeng: Karaeng Galesong, Mallarangang Adullah Krg Gassing.
The present Karaeng was installed on 9 jan. 2010.

About the kingdom

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In the past, Galesong was a region in the territory of the kingdom of Gowa. There is a note explaining, that on June 13, 1635, when Sultan Alauddin (King of Gowa the 14th) was in Beba (now one of the villages, where there is a lively fish landing place), Andi Mappanyukki got an area in northern Galesong, near the beach. This event is said to occur on June 18, 1635.
Karaeng of Galesong, son of Sultan Hasanuddins fourth wife named I Hatijah I Lo’mo Tobo was from Majannang Bonto village. Karaeng Galesong full name was: I Mannindori Kare Tojeng Karaeng Galesong, born on March 29, 1655. During the reign of Sultan Hasanuddin, he was appointed as Karaeng of Galesong and became warlord of the kingdom of Gowa.

In 1914 the Galesong Kingdom, which was ruled by Karaeng Larigau Dg. Mangingruru, ended in 1951, then later for the years 1952 until 2009 was inaugurated A.J. Bostan Karaeng Mamad’ja as Karaeng Galesong as Pemangku Adat, the name of these traditional stakeholders as a substitute for the name of the kingdom, because it is no longer possible in the structure of state administration in Indonesia. The Kingdom of Gowa and Galesong could not be separated at that time.

The palace: Balla Lompoa


2010. KARAENG GALESONG. Ketua lembaga adat, Muh Roem Krg Mattawang, installation of Pemangku Adat Karaeng Galesong, Mallarangang Adullah Krg Gassing. FOTO ANTARA/Sahrul Manda Tikupadang/Koz/pd/10.

Foto with the king of Galesong (2014)

Grave of Karaeng of Galesong in Ngantang-Jawa Timur. Source: