Principality of Carangsoka / Prov. Jawa Tengah – Kab. Pati

The principality (Kadipaten) of Paranggaruda, existed 13/14th century, was located in the District of Pati, prov. Central Jawa.

Provinsi Central Jawa 

District of Pati

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History of the principality

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The principality of Carangsoka, its territory was in northern area of Juwana River. Ruler of the principality of Carangsoka was the Duke of Puspahandungjaya, he had a single daughter named Dewi Rayunguwulan. The territory of the Duchy of Carangsoka included the sub-districts: Trangkil, Juwana, Pati, Margorejo, Tlogowungu, Wedarijaksa, Gembong, Margoyoso, Tayu. Dukuhseti, Gunungwungkal, Cluwak, and partly covering the eastern part of Jepara. The former Carangsoka administrative center was located in Sukoharjo Village, Wedarijaksa District.

Towards the end of the XIII century around 1292 AD on the island of Java was a vacuum of rulers of government. The kingdom of Pajajaran began to collapse, the Kingdom of Singasari receded, while the Majapahit Kingdom was not yet established.
On the northern coast of Central Java island around Mount Muria on the eastern side appeared a local ruler, who elevates himself as a duke, his domain was called a duchy.
There are two local rulers in the region:
* The ruler of the Paranggaruda Duchy,
* Ruler of Duchy of Carangsoka.
The two Duchies lived in harmony and peace, mutual respect and mutual respect to preserve harmony and strengthen the ropes of brotherhood, the two dukes agreed to marry his son and daughter.

About Adipati Raden (prince) Kembangjaya

Duke Raden Kembangjaya was the ruler of the Duchy of Carangsoka in the 14th century.

To regulate the increasingly widespread government of its territory to the south, Adipati Raden Kembangjaya moved his administrative center from Carangsoka to Kemiri Village by changing the name of Kadipaten Carangsoka to Kadipaten Pesantenan; in the new capital he used the title of the Duke of Jayakusuma. The principality of Pesantenan later was renamed to Pati Regency.

The history of the Duke of Raden Kembangjaya (Duke of Jayakusuma), as mentioned in Babad Pati is closely related to the existence of the adjoining Duchy of Carangsoka and Paranggaruda; there was a close relation between “Raden Jasari” (from the Duchy of Paranggaruda) with “Rara Rayungwulan” (from Kadipaten Carangsoka).

But before the marriage begun, Rara Rayungwulang escaped with “Dalang Sapanyana”. This incident sparked a battle between the Duchy of Carangsoka and Paranggaruda.

Old maps of Jawa

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Jawa,  1650

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