Sultanate of Kota Pinang / Prov. Sumatera Utara

Sultanate of Kota Pinang: 1630 – 1946. Located in Sumatera, District of Labuhan Batu. Prov. North Sumatera.

District of Labuhan Batu

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Last sultan of the sultanate of Kota Pinang

The last sultan of Kotapinang, Sultan Yang Dipertuan Makmur Perkasa Alamsyah.

History of the sultanate of Kota Pinang, 1630 – 1946

Sultanate Kota Pinang was originally named the Sultanate of Pinang Awan. This Sultanate was founded by Batara Batara Sinomba or Gurga Pinayungan King Tuanku Nan Way, son of Sultan Alam Syaifuddin, from Pagaruyung Kingdom.

Dutch invaders entered the region Labuhan Batu in 1825.
Prior to entering the area Labuhan Batu, the system of government of Labuhan Batu was a monarchy. The Head of State was called Sultan or King, assisted by Bendahara Paduka Sri Maharaja, who served as Chief of daily administration (sort of the Prime Minister).
Sultanates in this region at that time consisted of four of kingdoms, namely:
1) Sultanate of Kota Pinang, based in the city of Kota Pinang,
2) Sultanate of Kualuh, located in Tanjung Pasir,
3) Sultanate of Panai based in Labuan Bilik,
4) Sultanate of Bila, located in Negeri Lama.
Plus a Half-Bestuur Kingdom Kampung Raja, located in Tanjung Medan.

Kingdoms in North Sumatera 19th century

List of kings

1. Sultan Batara Sinomba or Batara Gurga Pinayungan Tuanku Raja Nan Sakti
2. Sultan Mangkuto Alam
3. Sultan Syahir Alam
4. Sultan Mustafa Perkasa Alamsyah

The last sultan, Tengku Mustafa

Palace of the sultanate

This palace was destroyed during the period of social revolution. that occurred around 1946. The throne of  Seripaduka Dipertuan Kotapinang Mustafa Mustafa Perkasa Alamsyah XII cold not be saved.
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Istana Bahran, before destroying

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