Kingdom of Kalisusu / Prov. Sulawesi Tenggara, Kab. Buton

The kingdom of Kalisusu was located on Sulawesi, prov. of Sulawesi Tenggara, kab. Buton Utara.

District of North Buton 

Prov. of South East Sulawesi

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About the king today

King today (2017): La Ode Ahlul Musafi

History of the kingdom

Google translation

(kerajaan = kingdom)

Kerajaan Konawe was the first kingdom in Southeast Sulawesi. The Kingdom was founded by Totongano Wonua on the 10th century. Then came Kerajaan Buton, Kerajaan Muna, the Kingdom of Kalisusu and the Kerajaan Moronene.
As a very strategic area for shipping, Southeast Sulawesi was growing quite rapidly. A number of empires then emerge. These kingdoms were among others: Kingdom (Sultanate) Buton, Kingdom of Muna (Wuna) and Kingdom of Kemongga (one descended from Konawe kingdom). There were also other smaller kingdoms, such as the Tiworo Kingdom, the Kalisusu Kingdom, and the Moronene Kingdom. The kingdoms were interconnected with one another through marriage bonds. This bond further cultivated a large family of Southeast Sulawesi that has been so united, despite having different cultural backgrounds and different languages.

Source (only indon. language)

– Sejarah kerajaan Kalisusu:
– Tentang Tari Lense kerajaan Kalisusu:


King of Kalisusu, La Ode Ahlul Musafi. 2017

King of Kalisusu, La Ode Ahlul Musafi. 2017

King of Kalisusu, La Ode Ahlul Musafi. 2017