.Sultanate of Banjar / Prov. Kalimantan Selatan

The Sultanate of Banjar: 1520 – 1860.  Located in the prov. of South Kalimantan. Abolished by the Dutch in 1860. Revival of the Sultanate in 2010.

Prov. of South Kalimantan

Foto sultanate of Banjar

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Revival of the Sultanate, 2010

24 Juli 2010, the Sultanate of  Banjar revived after a vacuum of 150 years, with the installation of a new Sultan: Sultan (Raja Muda) Khairul Saleh Al-Mu’tashim Billah.

Sultan (Raja Muda) Khairul Saleh Al-Mu’tashim Billah.

History of the sultanate of Banjar, 1520 – 1860

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Banjar rose in the first decades of the 17th century as a producer and trader of pepper. Soon, virtually all of the southwest, southeast, and eastern areas of Kalimantan island were paying tribute to the sultanate. Sultan Agung of Mataram (1613-1646), who ruled north Java coastal ports such as Jepara, Gresik, Tuban, Madura and Surabaya, planned to colonise the Banjar-dominated areas of Kalimantan in 1622, but the plan was cancelled due to inadequate resources.

In the 18th century Prince Tamjidullah I successfully transferred power to his dynasty and set Prince Nata Dilaga as its first Sultan with Panembahan Kaharudin Khalilullah. Nata Dilaga became the first king of the dynasty as Tamjidullah I in 1772, on the day of his accession calling himself Susuhunan Nata Alam.

The son of Sultan Muhammad Aliuddin Aminullah named Prince Amir, a grandson of Sultan Hamidullah, fled to the Pasir, and requested the help of his uncle Arung Tarawe (and Ratu Dewi). Amir then returned and attacked the Sultanate of Banjar with a large force of Bugis people in 1757, and tried to retake the throne of Susuhunan Nata Alam. Fearing the loss of his throne and the fall of the kingdom to the Bugis, Susuhunan Nata Alam requested the assistance of the Dutch East India Company (VOC), who dispatched a force under Captain Hoffman. The combined force defeated the Bugis, sending Amir to flee back to Pasir. After a long time, he tried to meet with Barito Banjar nobles, who disliked the VOC. Following this, Amir was arrested and exiled to Sri Lanka in 1787, and Banjar became a Dutch protectorate.

The Dutch increased their presence in the 19th century, taking territory from the sultanate and interfering in the appointment of its rulers. Resistance led to the Banjarmasin War (1859–1863) and the abolition of the sultanate in 1860. Afterwards, the area was governed by regents in Martapura (Pangeran Jaya Pemenang) and in Amuntai (Raden Adipati Danu Raja). The regency was finally abolished in 1884. The last claimant to the throne died in 1905.

Since July 24, 2010, the Sultanate of Banjar came back with the inauguration of Sultan Khairul Saleh.

History in english: Wiki

Banjar War

List of kings

* 1526 – 1545 : Pangeran Samudra yang kemudian bergelar Sultan Suriansyah, Raja pertama yang memeluk Islam
* 1545 – 1570 : Sultan Rahmatullah
* 1570 – 1595 : Sultan Hidayatullah
* 1595 – 1620 : Sultan Mustain Billah, Marhum Penambahan also known as Pangeran Kecil. This Sultan moved the Keraton (palace) to Kayutangi, Martapura, because the keraton was destroyed by the dutch, * 1612
* 1620 – 1637 : Ratu Agung bin Marhum Penembahan with the title Sultan Inayatullah
* 1637 – 1642 : Ratu Anum with the title Sultan Saidullah
* 1642 – 1660 : Adipati Halid he ruled as vice Sultan, because the child of Sultan Saidullah, Amirullah Bagus Kesuma was not yet adult.
* 1660 – 1663 : Amirullah Bagus Kesuma ruled until 1663, later Pangeran Adipati Anum (Pangeran Suriansyah) took power and moved to Banjarmasin.
* 1663 – 1679 : Pangeran Adipati Anum after taking the power he moved to Banjarmasin; with the title Sultan Agung
* 1679 – 1700 : Sultan Tahlilullah
* 1700 – 1734 : Sultan Tahmidullah with the title Sultan Kuning
* 1734 – 1759 : Pangeran Tamjid bin Sultan Agung, with the title Sultan Tamjidillah
* 1759 – 1761 : Pangeran Muhammad Aliuddin Aminullah
* 1761 – 1801 : Pangeran Nata Dilaga as vice of the son of Sultan Muhammad Aliuddin because he was not yet adult, but took the power with the title Sultan Tahmidullah
* 1801 – 1825 : Sultan Suleman Al Mutamidullah bin Sultan Tahmidullah
* 1825 – 1857 : Sultan Adam Al Wasik Billah bin Sultan Suleman
* 1857 – 1859 : Pangeran Tamjidillah
* 1859 – 1862 : Pangeran Antasari with the title Panembahan Amir Oeddin Khalifatul Mu’mina
* 1862 – 1905 : Sultan Muhammad Seman was the last king of Banjar.
* 2010 – ………: Sultan Khairul Saleh Al-Mu’tashim Billah  (installed 11 dec. 2010).

– Source: Wiki

The Kraton (palace) of the Sultan of Bandjermasin

Small kingdoms under the Sultanate of Banjar.

Under the Sultanate of Banjar there were several small kingdoms in the region of Tanah Bumbu and Pulau Laut. They were semi-independent. Because government services were not covered by the Sultanate, these kingdoms kingdoms were given authority to rule within their region.
Small kingdoms under the rule of the Sultanate Bandar in Tanah Bumbu and Pulau Laut are:

1. The kingdom of Pagatan,
2. The Kingdom of Kusan,
3. The Kingdoms of Cengal Manunggal and Bangkalaan,
4. The Kingdoms of Cantung and Sampanahan,
5. The Kingdom of Sebamban,
6. The kingdom of Batulicin,
7. The Kingdom of Pasir,
8. The Kingdom of Kotabaru.

Source (english)

– History of the Sultanate: Wiki

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Installation new sultan (2010): link
Sultan promotes indonesian culture in Europe (2011): link

Source (only indon. language)

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– Raja Muda Kesultanan Banjar Pangeran Khairul Saleh melakukan peletakan batu pertama sebagai tanda dimulainya pembangunan Istana Intan di Martapura (nov. 2012): link
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Khairul Saleh

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