Kingdom of Konawe / Prov. Sulawesi Tenggara, Kab. Konawe

The kingdom of Konawe is a kingdom of the Konawe People, located in south east Sulawesi.
The title of the king is Mokole.

District of Konawe

Prov. of South East Sulawesi

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About the king

Present king: Nur Alam sebagai Raja Konawe with the title Apuno Mokole Tolaki Konawe.
The present king was installed on 21 april 2014.


History of the kingdom

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Konawe Kingdom exists since the 5th century and king I was Tanggolwuta. Previously there were small kingdoms: Kingdom of Wawolesea, Kingdom of Besulutu and Kingdom Padangguni.

The opinion is why Wekoila who agreed to become King I in the Kingdom of Konawe, described as follows:
– Before Wekoila became Mokole (king) More I of Konawe, the ruling kings did not have a regular government system concept.
– Kings ruled autocratically, did not use the king’s auxiliary apparatus, so the wheels of government were not going well.
– Kings did not yet understand what to do, to whom should be responsible, if there was a vacuum in government. King Wekoila became the head of the Konawe Kingdom (± 948 – 968) is considered as a sign of the beginning of a well-organized system of government.

List of kings of Konawe

* abad ke 5: Tanggolowuta
* abad ke 5: Tomandalangi
* abad ke 6: Toletelangi
* abad ke 6: To mandalangi II
* abad ke 6: To Batilangi

* abad ke 7: Tosiaralangi
* abad ke 7: To Saenggalangi
* abad ke 8: To Umalalangi
* abad ke 8: To Sisilalangi
* abad ke 8: To Dedeiralangi

* abad ke 9: To Rundulangi
* abad ke 9: To Botulangi
* abad ke 10: To Ramalangi (Totongano Wonua)
* abad ke 10: Ramandalangi (Langgai Moriana)
* abad ke 10: Wekoila (Wetenriabeng)
* abad ke 10: We Pitiri Dori

* abad ke 11: La Baso-Baso
* abad ke 11: La Isapa
* abad ke 12: La Tamandalangi
* abad ke 12: Ohuku
* abad ke 12: Tandengi

* abad ke 13: Lahuku
* abad ke 13: Laisapa II
* abad ke13: Oheo
* abad ke 14: Larendelangi
* abad ke 14: La ndurulamoa
* abad ke 14: Bunggulawa

* abad ke 15: Tolindu
* abad ke 15: Lakidende
* abad ke 15: Onggabo
*abad ke 16: Wealanda
* abad ke 16: Melamba

* abad ke 17: Tebawo
* abad ke 17: Maago
* abad ke 18: Lakidende II
* abad ke 18: Pakandatea (temporary)
* abad ke 19: Latalambe (temporary)
* abad ke 20: Saranani (temporary)

– Sumber: Dokumenta DPRD Prov. Sulawesi Tenggara (1977):

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– Sejarah kerajaan Konawe:
Sejarah kerajaan Konawe:
– Sejarah lengkap kerajaan Konawe:

Sejarah awal kerajaan Konawe:


King of Konawe

Installation of Nur Alam as king of Konawe with the title Apuno Mokole Tolaki Konawe

Rumah Adat (traditional house). Palace

A large collection of Al Qur’an from wooden slabs of the kingdom of Konawe

Flag of the kingdom of Konawe