Kingdom of Konawe / Prov. Sulawesi Tenggara – Kab. Konawe

The kingdom of Konawe is a kingdom of the Konawe People, located in the prov. South East Sulawesi, District Konawe. It existed from the 5th century until 1945.
The title of the king is Mokole.

District Konawe

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About the king

Prince (pangeran muda) of the kingdom of Konawe: H. Dedet Ilnari Yusta, SE,.MA.In.CD, titled: Wulele Pondoma Lasanggula Lipu Labanggi Wonua Wuta i Konawe.

Left: Sultan of Buton
Right: prince (pangeran muda) of Konawe

History of the kingdom

Google translation

Konawe Kingdom exists since the 5th century and the first king  was Tanggolwuta. Previously there were small kingdoms: Kingdom of Wawolesea, Kingdom of Besulutu and Kingdom Padangguni.

Konawe Kingdom is a kingdom that once existed in Konawe Regency. The inhabitants are the Tolaki Tribe.  The kings have the title Mokole. Its heyday was reached during the reign of Mokole Tebawo.  The center of government for the Konawe Kingdom is in Unaaha District, Konawe Regency.  This kingdom used a government system called Siwole Mbatohu and Pitu Dula Batu.  The people of the Konawe Kingdom worked as rice and cempedak farmers, buffalo breeders, and fish hunters.  The early beliefs of the people of the Konawe Kingdom were animism and dynamism, but later converted to Islam.  The Konawe kingdom collapsed after its king, Larambe, died in 1916 and its territory was made into the Laiwoi Kingdom.

Disputes between the aristocrats of the Konawe Kingdom have been going on since the 19th century AD. In 1906, a nobleman from Laiwoi cooperated with the Dutch East Indies and signed an agreement. The contents of the agreement were to replace the Konawe Kingdom into the Laiwoi Kingdom and become subordinate to the Dutch East Indies. Larambe as king of the Konawe Kingdom along with the nobles were invited by Laiwoi and the Dutch East Indies. During the meeting, Laiwoi expressed his siding with the Dutch East Indies. Larambe disapproved of this and returned to Sambandete to prepare for war with the Dutch East Indies. Together with his troops, he built a fort and a monument on the banks of the Lalindu River in the Linomoiyo region. But in 1916, he died so that the war was won by the Dutch. The territory of the Konawe Kingdom was finally controlled and made into the territory of the Laiwoi Kingdom.

List of kings of Konawe

* abad ke 5: Tanggolowuta
* abad ke 5: Tomandalangi
* abad ke 6: Toletelangi
* abad ke 6: To mandalangi II
* abad ke 6: To Batilangi

* abad ke 7: Tosiaralangi
* abad ke 7: To Saenggalangi
* abad ke 8: To Umalalangi
* abad ke 8: To Sisilalangi
* abad ke 8: To Dedeiralangi

* abad ke 9: To Rundulangi
* abad ke 9: To Botulangi
* abad ke 10: To Ramalangi (Totongano Wonua)
* abad ke 10: Ramandalangi (Langgai Moriana)
* abad ke 10: Wekoila (Wetenriabeng)
* abad ke 10: We Pitiri Dori

* abad ke 11: La Baso-Baso
* abad ke 11: La Isapa
* abad ke 12: La Tamandalangi
* abad ke 12: Ohuku
* abad ke 12: Tandengi

* abad ke 13: Lahuku
* abad ke 13: Laisapa II
* abad ke13: Oheo
* abad ke 14: Larendelangi
* abad ke 14: La ndurulamoa
* abad ke 14: Bunggulawa

* abad ke 15: Tolindu
* abad ke 15: Lakidende
* abad ke 15: Onggabo
*abad ke 16: Wealanda
* abad ke 16: Melamba

* abad ke 17: Tebawo
* abad ke 17: Maago
* abad ke 18: Lakidende II
* abad ke 18: Pakandatea (temporary)
* abad ke 19: Latalambe (temporary)
* abad ke 20: Saranani (temporary)

– Sumber: Dokumenta DPRD Prov. Sulawesi Tenggara (1977):

Source (only indon. language)

– Sejarah kerajaan Konawe:
Sejarah kerajaan Konawe:
– Sejarah lengkap kerajaan Konawe:

Sejarah awal kerajaan Konawe:


Rumah Adat (traditional house). Palace


A large collection of Al Qur’an from wooden slabs of the kingdom of Konawe


Flag of the kingdom of Konawe

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