.Kingdom of Ende / Isl. of Flores – Prov. Nusa Tenggara Timur

The kingdom of Ende is an old kingdom on the island of Flores. District Ende. Allegedly, the Kingdom of Ende existed more or less at the same time as the expulsion of the Portuguese from Ende in 1630.

Location of the island of Fllores


Location district Ende on the island of Flores

Foto kingdoms on Flores

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About the king

Raja Haji Hasan Arubusman, the last king of Ende (1947-1974); died 1992.

Below king Drs Zainal Abidin Indradewa, M Sc of Ende/Flores. With his niece Princes Ratu Muda Duhita Indradewa. There is no confirmation of this king.

History of the kingdom of Ende

Ende was a kingdom on Flores. Residents of this area are referred to as the LioEnde. For decades, Ende became the center of government, commerce, education, and political activity.
Negara Kertagama (1350): This source tells the war by Majapahit in the east region of the archipelago to beat Dompo. This source does not mention the name of Ende.
But one other historical sources of Java Majapahit mention Ende (Vol II 4th edition London 1817, p. 121).
The manuscript tells, that Ende was a colony of Majapahit, conquered by Andya Ninggrat or queen
The route for boats in 1357, was via Larantuka and Solor to Timor, Ende or Flores, Sumba, Ende, Flores, to Sabu (where there were the kingdom of Majupai).
After the Dutch formally ruled on the island of Flores and Ende, they founded the onderafdeeling on April 1, 1915 published in Indisch Staadblad No. 743, and the Dutch government began to regulate the government administration in the territory of Ende. They  united small kingdoms  into
several great kingdoms ruled by a king as zelfbestuurders, basedkorte verklaring” of the queen of the Netherlands, Wilhemina. Zelfbestuurders are autonomous kings, who ruled their kingdom in accordance with the customs, but were still overseen by an employee of the Dutch controleur or gezaghebber.
– Source: link

Middle front: Raja Haji Hasan Arubusman, last ruling raja of Ende (1947-1974); died 1992. With members of his government. 

List of kings of Ende

.  Jari Jawa, 1700-1730
· Raki Nggera, 1730-1750
·  Marhaba, 1750-1770
·  Ngi-i Ramo, 1770-1800
·  Muli, 1800-1839
·  Arubusman I, 1839-1851
·  Inderdewa, 1851-1860
·  Arubusman II, 1860-1895; regen 1861-  1870
·  Pua Noteh, 1895-1908
·  Harun, 1908-1909
·  Pua Meno Arubusman, 1909-1923; regen 1909-1915
·  Busman Abd ar-Rahman, 1925-1947
·  Haji Hasan Arubusman, 1949-1962

– Source: https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/W%C5%82adcy_Flores

Kingdoms on Flores, 17/18th century

Source history Flores (english)

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History of Flores: http://florestourism.com/discover/history/ 

Source Ende (only indon. language)

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Sejarah kerajaan Ende pada awal abad ke XX:  http://tigadanauwarna.blogspot.co.id/2015/07/keadaan-ende-pada-awal-abad-xx.html
– Daftar raja Ende: https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/W%C5%82adcy_Flores
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Source History of Flores (only indon. language)

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Picture of Raja Bicara Daeng Mandaka alias Raja Bicara Umbu Kota Kolambani; from 1909-1915 he was regent-raja of Ende; he died short before 22-5-1935.


School-children in Ende, 31 Agustus 1924.


Kingdom of Ende. Ruins of Portuguese Fort on Palau Ende Flores. 1900s.

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