Sebamban, principality / prov. South Kalimantan – Kab. Tanah Bumbu

The principality of Sebamban was located in the district of Tanah Bumbu, prov. of South Kalimantan.

District of Tanah Bumbu

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History of the principality

The principality of Sebamban was founded by Prince Sharif Ali Al-Iderus in the early 18th century, the Prince’s father, named Sharif Sharif Ali Abdurrahman Al-Iderus, was a scholar of Arab descent, who came to the archipelago to spread Islam.
Sebamban kingdom was an autonomous region, headed by a bumiputera, part of the Afdeeling Pasir dan Tanah Boemboe, under the authority of the Assistant Resident GH Dahmen based in Samarinda, South Kalimantan. The regional autonomous government was delegated to a chief bumiputera, namely Prince Sharif Ali, son of Sharif Abdurahman Alaydrus, Yang Dipertuan of Kubu kingdom.
During the dutch time one by one the royal families left their palaces; finally they were no longer occupied and now what remains are the ruins of a pole building, this happened around 1850.

Small kingdoms under the Sultanate of Banjar.

Under the Sultanate of Banjar there were several small kingdoms in the region of Tanah Bumbu and Pulau Laut. They were semi-independent. Because government services were not covered by the Sultanate, these kingdoms kingdoms were given authority to rule within their region.
Small kingdoms under the rule of the Sultanate Bandar in Tanah Bumbu and Pulau Laut are:

1. The kingdom of Pagatan,
2. The Kingdom of Kusan,
3. The Kingdoms of Cengal Manunggal and Bangkalaan,
4. The Kingdoms of Cantung and Sampanahan,
5. The kingdom of Sebamban,
6. The kingdom of Batulicin,
7. The Kingdom of Pasir,
8. The Kingdom of Kotabaru.

List of rulers

The king of Sabamban was titled Pangeran Sharif (not Sultan).

* Pangeran Syarif Ali Al-Idrus bin Syarif Abdurrahman Al-Idrus
* Pangeran Syarif Hasan, reign begun 25 Juni 1860,
* Pangeran Syarif Qasim Al-Idrus bin Syarif Hasan Al-Idrus.

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