Kingdom of Batak Tua (Batahan) / Prov. Sumatera Utara

The kingdom of Batak Tua (Batahan) was a kingdom of the Batak People. Located on Tanah Batak, Kota Natal, Kab. Mandailing, provinsi Sumatera Utara.
This kingdom existed in de 1st century.

District Mandailing

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History of the kingdom of Batak Tua, 1st century

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Around the first century AD existed the Batak Kingdom (Pa’ta) based in Batahan (around the city of Natal now). Its territory covered the entire west coast of Sumatra, formerly called the island of Andalas (Read: Adda las) to the western part of Java island inhabited by Badui People.
At that time, the Batak people embraced a religion called Malim; its leader was called King Malim, aided by the prophets called Panurirang, and his followers were called Parmalim. In connection with the government, King Malim acted as an advisor and was called Paniroi / Sitiroi (an earth theologian from Alexandria, named Claudius Ptolemy, called him Satyroy).
The head of government, called Sirajai Jolma, acted as an “Kepala Adat” (head of the traditional counsil). During its heydays, the Kingdom of Batak had established trade relations with other kingdoms such as the Kingdom of Cola (India), Ming Kingdom (China).
In 1029 the Old Batak Kingdom could be conquered after a 5-year war. King of Batak country was arrested, but not killed; the country was abandoned without government.
After the fall of the Old Batak Kingdom (Batahan) around 1030, emerged new kingdoms, parts of the Old Batak Kingdom. King Malim (Head of the Malim religion) from Gunungtua, crowned his son-in-law as king, Sirajai Jolma (Head of Government) . To show that he was the first to become king in the Kingdom of Batak Barus, then named the King of Mula.

The coloured parts are mostly inhabited by the Batak People

About the Batak People

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Batak tribe is one of the largest tribes in Indonesia. This name is a collective theme to identify some ethnic groups who live and come from the West Coast and the East Coast in North Sumatra Province. Ethnic groups that are categorized as Batak are Batak Toba, Batak Karo, Batak Pakpak, Batak Simalungun, Batak Angkola, and Batak Mandailing.
Nowadays in general Batak people follow the religion of Islam, Protestant Christian, Catholic Christian. But there are also adherents of traditional beliefs namely: Malim tradition and also adheres animism belief, although now the number of adherents of these two teachings has diminished.
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