Kingdom of Bintauna / Sulawesi – prov. Gorontalo, kab. Bolaang Mongondow

The Kingdom of Bintauna is located on Sulawesi, District of Bolaang Mongondow Utara, Provinsi Gorontalo. 16th Century.

District of Bolaang Mongondow Utara

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About the king

8 april 2014
From Kerajaan indonesia:  Raja of Bintauna, Tete / Abo’raisi Datunsolang, last surviving son of Raja Muhammad Toraju Datunsolang,  (1895-1948) has died.
A new Raja will be elected soon.

Hamdan Datunsolang of Bintauna, head of the dynasty and former district head of Bolmut. 2015

History of the kingdom of Bintauna, 16th century

Mokapog or Mokapogu is the name of an old kingdom in North Sulawesi, a sovereign and self-governing kingdom that existed in this area until approximately 4 centuries ago.
Mokapog later developed into 3 kingdoms:
* Kingdom of Kaidipang,
* Bintauna kingdom and
* Kingdom of Bolangitang.

Since the 16th century, the area of ​​Bolaang Mongondow district had been under royal domain. Some of the kingdoms that had ruled in this area were: the Bolaang Mongondow kingdom which was located in Bolaang, and four other kingdoms in the North Coast region of Bolaang Mongondow, namely:
1) The Bolaang Uki Kingdom is domiciled in Walugu,
2) The Bintauna Kingdom with several capital cities, among others: Panayo,
Minanga, and Pimpi,
3) The Bolaang Itang Kingdom which is domiciled in Bolaang Itang and
4) The Kingdom of Kaidipang with its capital city Buroko.

Of the five kingdoms that ruled in the Bolaang Mongondow region, as mentioned above, the Bolaang Mongondow kingdom had a larger geographical location. Other kingdoms such as the Bolaang Uki Kingdom, the Bintauna kingdom, the Bolaang Itang kingdom and the Kaidipang kingdom were located in the northern part of Bolaang Mongondow.

The history of the Bintauna Kingdom originated in the area of ​​Gorontalo Afdeling Government because during the VOC era, Bintauna was a Marsaoleh-schar, namely a government area headed by a Marsaoleh (Ulea) from the Suwawa Kingdom.

In its development, the king of the Bintauna Kingdom broke away from the kingdom of Bone or Suwawa which later formed his own kingdom with the name Vintauna.

The Bintauna Kingdom existed since the 17th century, when Lepeo Mooreteo (period) was elected as the first king. Since then the Bintauna kingdom had gone through several periods of leadership which lasted until the period of the 10th king, namely the last king Raja Muda Jan Rasid Datunsolang.

In 1912 the kingdoms of Kaidipang and Bolangitang were united under the name of the Kingdom of Kaidipang Besar and their mother country, Boroko.
The Kingdom of Kaidipang Besar (1912 – 1950), was governed by the first and last king, King Ram Suit Pontoh (RS Pontoh).

Paduka Raja Bintauna

List of kings Bintauna

* 1675-1720: Raja Lepeo Mooreteo
* 1720-1783: Raja Datu
* 1783-1823: Raja Patilima Datunsolang
* 1823-1857: Raja Salmon Datunsolang
* 1857-1874: Raja Eliyas Datunsolang
* 1874-1884: Raja Toraju Datunsolang I
* 1884-1893: Raja Serael Datunsolang
* 1893-1895: Raja Toraju Datunsolang II
* 1895-1948: Raja Mohammad Datunsolang
* 1948-1950: Raja muda Jan rasid Datunsolang

Raja Abo’ Raisi Muhammad Datunsolang of Bintauna

Source (only indon. language)

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Map of kingdom of Bintauna, 19th century

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