The Principality of Mangkunegaran / Prov. Jawa Tengah – Surakarta


The principality of Mangkunegara was founded in 1757 and exists untill today.  Located in central Jawa, in the city of Surakarta (Solo).

Lokasi Surakarta

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About the Mangkunegara

Present Adipati (since 1987): Kanjeng Gusti Pangeran Adipati Arya Mangku Negara, Mangku Negara IX. 

Born in 1951, he is the current traditional ruler. He succeeded his father Mangku Negara VIII, as on 3 September 1987.

Mangkunegara IX, 2018

History of Mangkunegara

Mangkunegaran is a small hereditary Duchy located within the region of Surakarta in Indonesia. It was established in 1757 by Raden Mas Said, when he submitted his army to Pakubuwono III in February, and swore allegiance to the rulers of Surakarta, Yogyakarta, and the Dutch East Indies Company, and was given an appanage of 4000 households. This was the result of the Salatiga Treaty of 1757.
The Duchy still exists untill today (2017).
The Palace of the rulers of Mangkunegaran was established by Raden Mas Said who signed a treaty with the Dutch East India Company (VOC) in 1757.

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Map of New Mataram which had been broken into four kingdoms in 1830, after the Diponegoro War. On this map shows that Kasunanan Surakarta has many enclaves in the Sultanate of Yogyakarta and the Netherlands. Mangkunagaran also has an enclave in Yogyakarta. Later these enclaves are deleted.

List of Adipati

* 1757-1795: Mangkunegara I  (engl. link); Raden Mas Said

* 1975-1835: Mangkunegara II (engl. link); Raden Mas Sulomo, Grandchild of Mangkunegara I

* 1835-1853: Mangkunegara III; Raden Mas Sarengat, Grandchild of Mangkunegara II

* 1853-1881: Mangkunegara IV (engl. link); Raden Mas Sudira, Grandchild of Mangkunegara II

* 1881-1896: Mangkunegara V; Raden Mas Sunito, Brother of Mangkunegara IV

* 1896-1916: Mangkunegara VI (engl. link); Raden Mas Suyitno, Brother of Mangkunegara V

* 1916-1944: Mangkunegara VII; Raden Mas Soerjo Soeparto, Child of Mangkunegara V

* 1944-1987: Mangkunegara VIII (engl. link); Raden Mas Hamidjojo Saroso, Child of Mangkunegara VII

* 1987-……..: Mangkunegara IX (engl. link); Raden Mas Soedjiwo Koesoemo, Child of Mangkunegara VIII

About the palace

Mangkunegaran Palace is the palace  of Sri Paduka Mangkunagara in Surakarta and was built after the year 1757  following the model of a smaller palace.

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Graveyard of Astana Girilayu

Astana Girilayu is a burial complex for rulers (“Mangkunagara”) and close relative of Praja Mangkunegaran. In this complex is buried Mangkunagara IV, Mangkunagara V, Mangkunagara VII, and Mangkunagara VIII (last deceased ruler); each with its own mausoleum.


Graveyard Astana Mangadeg

Astana Mangadeg is a burial complex for the early rulers (“Mangkunagara”) and close relative (dalem) of Praja Mangkunegaran. In this complex is buried Mangkunagara I (MN I), MN II, and MN III; each with its own mausoleum. In addition, within this complex is also buried a number of close relatives and the aides of the struggle in the battle against the Sultanate of Mataram and the VOC until it ends with the agreement of Salatiga Agreement (1758).

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