Kingdom of Simpang Matan / Prov. Kalimantan Barat

The kingdom of Simpang Matan: 1762  – 1959, located on West Kalimantan, District of Ketapang.

District of Ketapang

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About the king

31 mei 2008
Installation of Drs. H. Gusti M. Mulia bin Gusti Mesir bin Gusti Roem as king of Simpang the-7 with the title: Sultan Muhammad Jamaluddin II.

14 november 2017
Sultan Muhammad Jamaluddin II died.

18 december 2018
Pangeran (prince) Sukmaningrat Gusti Hukma was installed as Sultan Simpang VIII with the title Sultan Muhammad Jamaluddin III.

Pangeran Sukmaningrat Gusti Hukma, Sultan Simpang the-8, installed 18 des. 2018


14 November 2017: The King of Simpang the-7, H. Gusti M. Mulia Bin Gusti Egypt Bin Gusti Roem, who had the title Sultan Muhammad Jamaluddin II, died.

History of the kingdom of Simpang Matan, 1762 – 1959

The Simpang Kingdom was founded by Panembahan Ratu Agung in 1735 and he was the first king to rule the Simpang. He ruled until 1824. The kingdoms that were founded also changed their name to Matan or Sukadana depending on the position of the king who was in power at that time.

In 1828 the King of Matan, Sultan Muhammad Kamaluddin, was expelled by the Dutch government because he was considered to be protecting pirates. In 1829 the Dutch appointed King Akil of Siak Indragiri with the title Sultan Abdul Jalil Syah, domiciled in Sukadana, which later changed the name to Niuew Brusel.

On 24 April1837 the Dutch government decided to make a new contract with King Akil. The contract stated that Nieuw Brusel consisted of Sukadana and Simpang, while Matan was an independent kingdom.

On June 21, 1843, King Akil died. Therefore, Panembahan Matan and Simpang demanded their rights, so that on September 1, 1845 Nieuw Brusel was dissolved. Then the kingdoms of Matan, Sukadana, Simpang came under the orders of a Dutch gezaghebber and the positions of the three kingdoms were separated and made separate contracts with the Dutch.

Simpang Kingdom after Nieuw Brussel was abolished on September 1, 1845, Simpang became a kingdom of its own and made its own contract with the Dutch government. The contract was made on September 30, 1845 who recognized as the King of Simpang was Gusti Asma and had the title Panembahan Kesumaningrat. During the kingdom era under Gusti Panji, which had the title of dedication of Gusti Panji. The Simpang Tua Kingdom was founded in Mungguk Jering Village, Simang Hilir District.

Then Gusti Panji’s incarnation was demoted from his position as King of Simpang Tua and replaced by his younger brother Gusti Muhammad Rum to become king replacing Panembahan Gusti Panji who ruled from 1917 to 1942.

During the reign of Panembahan Gusti Muhammad Rum, the center of government for the Simpang Kingdom was moved to Teluk Melano Village, Simpang Hilir District. Gusti Muhammad Rum’s Panembahan ended after being taken to the Mandor by the Japanese government. As a substitute for the king, Gusti Muhammad Rum’s younger brother named Gusti Egypt was appointed to assume the position of king in the Simpang Hilir Kingdom with the title Panembahan with the reign from 1942 to 1943. On 23 April 1943 all the kings in West Kalimantan were arrested and detained. The kings who were arrested since 23 April 1943 have all been murdered and buried in a place that has been kept secret until now. One of the kings who was captured and killed by the Japanese was Gusti Mesir.

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Panembahan Gusti Mesir. 1940

List of kings

Raja – Raja Tanjungpura

* 1454-1472: Brawijaya
* 1472-1487: Bapurung
* 1487-1540: Panembahan Karang Tunjung (1487 – 1504)

Pada zaman Penembahan Karang Tunjung inilah Kerajaan Tanjungpura di Benua Lama dialihkan ke Sukadana.

Raja – Raja Sukadana

* Penembahan Karang Tunjung (1487 – 1504)
* Gusti Syamsudin/Pundong Prasap bergelar Penembahan Sang Ratu Agung (1504 – 1518)
* Gusti Abdul Wahab Bergelar Penembahan Bendala (1518 – 1526)
* Penembahan Pangeran Anom ( 1526 – 1533)
* Penembahan Baroh (1533-1590)
* Gusti Aliuddin/ Giri Kesuma bergelar Panembahan Sorgi (1590-1604)
* Ratu Mas Jaintan (1604 – 1622)
* Gusti Kesuma Matan/Giri Mustika (Sultan Muhammad Syafiuddin) 1622 – 1665
* Gusti Kesuma Matan mempunyai 3 orang anak, antaranya: Gusti Jakar Negara.
* Gusti Jakar Negara bergelar Sultan Muhammad Zainuddin merupakan Raja Matan pertama.

Raja – Raja Matan

* 1665-1724: Gusti Jakar Kencana atau Sultan Muhammad Zainuddin
* 1724-1738: Gusti Kesuma Bandan atau Sultan Muhammad Muazzuddin
* 1738-1749: Gusti Bendung atau Pangeran Ratu Agung atau Sultan Muhammad Tajuddin
* 1749-1762: Gusti Kencuran atau Sultan Ahmad Kamaluddin
* 1762-1819: Gusti Asma atau Sultan Muhammad Jamaluddin

Gusti Asma was the last king of the kingdom of Matan and during his reign, the centre of the government of the kingdom of Matan was moved to Simpang, and the name of the kingdom changed to Kingdom of Simpang or Kingdom of Simpang-Matan.

Raja raja Simpang Matan

* 1762-1814: Gusti Asma (Sultan Muhammad Jamaluddin)
* 1814-1829: Gusti Mahmud (Panembahan Anom Suriyaningrat)
* 1829-1874: Gusti Muhammad Roem (Panembahan Anom Kesumaningrat)
* 1874-1911: Gusti Panji ( Panembahan Suryaningrat )
* 1911-1942: Gusti Roem (Panembahan Gusti Roem/Panembahan Anom Kusumangrat )
* 1942-1944: Gusti Mesir (Panembahan Gusti Mesir)
* Gusti Ibrahim

* 31 mei 2008: Installation of Drs. H. Gusti M. Mulia bin Gusti Mesir bin Gusti Roem as king of Simpang the-7 with the title: Sultan Muhammad Jamaluddin II.
The king died 14 nov. 2017.

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