Kingdom of Kampa / Sumatera – prov. Riau

The kingdom of Kampa is located on Sumatera, prov. Riau, District Pelalawan.

District Pelalawan

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About the king (2018)

1928 – 2018
There was a vacuum of the throne.

26 march 2018
Bupati Kampar Azis Zaenal was installed as Sultan of Kampa the 14th, Khalifatullah Akhirul Zaman, in the Balai Adat of Kampar.
For about 90 years, the kingdom of Kampa had no king. Last king the 13th died 1928. His name was Sultan Buyung Adliansyah.

History of the kingdom

The kingdom was founded by Sultan Mahmud Shah, the first king of Kenegerian Kampa.
Sultan Mahmud Syah came from the kingdom of Malacca. In Malacca, Mahmud Shah was pursued by the Portuguese Army. Mahmud Syah had run to Penyengat Island in Lingga, Riau Kingdom. From Penyengat Island, Sultan Mahmud moved to Kampa.
This is where the Kenegerian Kampa civilization began in about the 15th century. Ninik Mamak in Kenegerian Kampa appointed Mahmud Shah as King.
Since then, Kenegerian Kampa had a king. Until the 13th Sultan. Sultan of  Kampa the 13th, named Buyung Adliansyah, died 1928.

Installation of the sultan, 26 march 2018

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