Kingdom of Kasimbar / Prov. Sulawesi Tengah – Kab. Parigi Moutong

The kingdom of Kasimbar, 1711- 1912, located on Sulawesi, in the District of Parigi Moutong. Prov. Central Sulawesi.

District of Parigi Moutong

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History of the kingdom

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Formerly Kasimbar was known by the name Tanainolo which means the land is cut; the people lived in groups that were controlled by a Tribal Chief with the title Toi Bagis in a region called Boya. Mainland Kasimbar first was divided into 7 Boya, namely: Boya Mayapo, Boya Vintonung, Boya Liovung, Boya Sambali, Boya Tagali, Boya Apes and Boya Ranang and on such conditions are gradually created the values ​​of customs Kasimbar known as Pitu Pole (meaning 7 parts) or another name is Sanja Pitu.

The atmosphere as above runs until the end of the 16th century, marked by the arrival of the Mandar People led by Puang Tomessu Holds Arajang Taunai. The purpose of the arrival of the Mandar people was originally trade and to preach the religion of Islam, but slowly they married with the local population to successfully give birth to a descendant named Datu Ranang.

Under King Pue Masaile Yusuf circa 1912 the kingdom of Kasimbarmerged with the kingdom of Parigi as an area with the status of Lanschap or District under Onder Afdeeling Parigi.

List of kings

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1) 1711-1762: Puang Tomessu with the title Arajang Taunai
2)  1762-1778: Puataikacci with the title Puang Logas
3) 1778-1822:  Magalattu with the title Pua Datu Mula, was the first king in Moutong who lived on the island of Pulau Matoro.
4) 1895: Buralangi with the title Puang Lei,was assisted by Olongian, who was named Sariani with the title Olongian
5) Pawajoi Gelar Matoa, assisted by Olongian with the name To’eng.
6) 1899-1901: Suppu, asisted by Olongian with the name Tanggudi, Malafai as Jogugu and Lahia as Kapitalau.
7) 1902-1906: Lamangkona with the title Pue Sanjata
8) 1907-1913: Pue Masaile with the title Paduka Raja Muda, assisted by a Pabicara Adat whose name was Akas Bin Kadang Malingka, Anteng Palimbui as Jogugu and Bambalang as Olongian.

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