Kingdom of Lamajang / Jawa Timur

The kingdom of Lamajang is located on Jawa, in the city of Lumajang, District Lumajang, provinsi Jawa Timur.
In 1295 Lamajang became an independent kingdom.

District Lumajang

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History of the kingdom of Lamajang, 13th century

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In 1295 Lamajang became a sovereign kingdom (land of pardikan) with King Arya Wiraraja as its king. Arya Wiraraja became king of Mojopahit East with the capital in Lamajang because in accordance with the agreement with raden Wijaya, King Wilwatikta (Majapahit West) wanted to divide the Majapahit region into two.

Wiraraja became King in Lamajang after his son Ranggalawe was killed by a pungawa majapahit led by Duke Nambi.
Arya Wiraraja died in 1316 at the age of 87 years. Patih Nambi as one of his sons returned to Lamajang to hold his father’s sorrow ceremony but was attacked by a sudden majapahit by Jayanegara (King of Majapahit after Raden Wijaya) over incitement from Mahapatih (in the book of Pararton). Lamajang fell because there was no preparation for war. Seven Majapahit prime ministers, who were also friends with the army of Raden Wijaya were dissatisfied with this embarrassing decision to fall in Lamajang defend the Nambi patih.

The kingdom of Lamajang survived until the 162o-ans where Lamajang was the center of the last center of Hindu Kingdom in eastern Java. Lamajang was destroyed by Sultan Agung of the Mataram kingdom and Lamajang’s capital in Biting area was burned.

Arya Wiraraja

Aria Wiraraja was named by Kertanegara of Singhasari governor in Sumenep Regency in the east part of Madura Island but in 1292 joined forces with the ruler of Kediri, Jayakatwang, in his rebellion. The battle ended with the death of Kertanegara. Jayakatwang immediately encountered opposition from Raden Wijaya, which defeated reached Madura and, unaware of his treason, asked support to Aria Wiraraja, which helped him to get the crown in 1294.
Later he declared himself independent at Lumajang. He died in 1331.

Grave of Arya Wiraraja

Biting site

Biting Site Area is an area of the royal capital Lamajang Tigang led by King Arya Wiraraja.
The Biting site is an archaeological site. This site is estimated to be a relic of the Lamajang kingdom and spread over an area of about 135 hectares. The most impressive building is a castle wall with a length of 10 kilometers, 6 meters wide and 10 meters high.
Biting Site developed into one of the preferred tourist destinations in Lumajang District. But the community around the site and some communities, who care about the sustainability of Biting Site has long been promoting events or activities related to the site.


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