Kingdom of Pamekasan / Isl. of Madura

The kingdom of Pamekasan: 16th century – 1853. The kingdom was located on the island of Madura, district Pamekasan.

District of Pamekasan

Location of Madura

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History of the kingdom of Pamekasan

The history of Pamekasan is known since mid 15th century; based on historical sources about the birth of a myth or legend Aryo Menak Sunoyo, who started his local government in Proppo or Parupuk. Long before this legend, there was not much known about the existence of Pamekasan. Probably Pamekasan was part of the government of Madura in Sumenep, which already existed since the appointment of Aryan Wiraraja on October 13, 1268 by Kertanegara.
Kabupaten Pamekasan born of a long historical process. The name Pamekasan was known since the second half of the 16th century, when Ronggo Sukowati started to move the administrative center of the government from the palace Labangan to the palace Mandilaras

About Ronggo Sukowati

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Panembahan Ronggosukowati became king in Pamekasan in the period 1530-1616 AD, at that time more and more people Pamekasan, who embraced the teachings of Islam.
Before Pamekasan was led by Panembahan Ronggosukuwati, the majority of Pamekasan people still adhered to Hindu-buddhism. At that time leadership in Pamekasan was still in the hands of the father Panembahan Ronggosukowati, namely Prince Bonorogo. Seeing the age that was not young anymore and was not able to lead the kingdom, finally Prince Bonorogo give up his power to Panembahan Ronggosukowati.

Before leading Pamekasan, Panembahan Ronggosukowati had studied Islam and became a santri from Sunan Giri. After his knowledge of Islam had been felt enough, he returned to Pamekasan. Since then Pamekasan for the first time led by a King of Islam. During his reign, Islam became increasingly known and already many people who embraced Islam. Islam also existed in Java long before the fifteenth century.

List of kings


  • Adikara I (1685–1708) [son-in-law of Yudanegara of Sumanep]
  • Adikara II (1708–1737) [son]
  • Adikara III (1737–1743) [brother]
  • Panembahan Mangku Adiningrat (1804–1842) [son of Cakraningrat VII of Madura]
  • Pangeran Aria Suriokusumo (1842–1853) [grandson]
  • Pangeran Denyar Pradata Mangkunegaran XIV (2010-present) [grandson]



Mandiraras palace building is now the government center of the Kabupaten Pamekasan. Mandiraras palace is situated in the middle of town Pamekasan.
Mandiraras palace complex and several surrounding buildings were built in the days of Prince Ronggosukowati, who still had a relationship with the Majapahit kingdom. Although built during Majapahit period, until now most of the buildings are still intact.

Pamekasan keraton, now government.