Kingdom of Batanghio / Prov. Sumatera Utara

The Kingdom of Batanghio is a kingdom of the Simalungun people, Saragih Clan, located in District Simalungun, prov. of north Sumatera.

District Simalungun

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History of the kingdom of Batanghio

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The kingdoms in Simalungun are thought to have existed since at least the 14th century.
The oldest kingdom of Nagur is thought to have existed since the 5th century based on Chinese sources (Swi Dynasty).
The Nagur then broke into two: Si Tonggang and Batangio Kingdoms. Batangio became Tanah Java. Si Tonggang turned into Siantar. Later Nagur broke again into Silau.

Silau, it broke again into Panei and Dolok Silau. Later, after the entry of the Dutch, Silau’s vassals, namely Purba, Raya and Silimakuta, were recognized as autonomous by the Dutch.

Regarding the Batanghio Kingdom, Tideman (1922) wrote in his report about Simalungun. This kingdom was located in the Land of Jawauri (Tanoh Jawa) (Tideman, 1922, Kroesen 1904: 557). Batanghio was initially believed to be partuanon Nagur, but later on, Batanghio‘s status was elevated to the kingdom of the Saragih clan. The Nagur Kingdom and the Batanghio Kingdom above were what is commonly referred to as the two kingdom (harajaon na dua) as the first phase. Around 1293-1295, the Nagur and Batanghio kingdoms were invaded by the Singasari kingdom during the reign of King Kertanegara. The expedition, known as the Pamalayu expedition, then founded the Silou Kingdom (Dolog) at the end of the 14th century (Damanik, 2008: 2-3).

Map District of Simalungun with the boundaries of the kingdoms

About the Saragih Clan

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Saragih is a clan from the Simalungun People originally from an area called Simalungun in the province of North Sumatra.
Several versions of historical sources state, that the Saragih ancestors came from South India, who traveled to East Sumatra to Aceh, Langkat, Bangun Purba area, to Bandar Kalifah to Batubara.
Due to local tribal urges, they then moved to the suburbs of Toba and Samosir.
The first Saragih clan (Hasusuran-1) itself arose, when one of the Panglima (Panglima) of the Nagur kingdom was made a son-in-law by King Nagur and subsequently established a new kingdom in Raya (around the area now called Pematang Raya, Simalungun).

Kingdoms in the Simalungun area

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In its history there are 3 (three) phases of kingdoms, that once ruled and reigned in Simalungun.
The first phase is the two kingdom phase (harajaon na dua):

NB: Marga = Clan

* Kingdom of Nagur (marga Damanik) dan
* Kingdom of Batanghio (marga Saragih).

The second phase is the phase of 4 kingdoms:

* Kingdom of Siantar (marga Damanik),
* Kingdom of Panai (marga Purba Dasuha),
* Kingdom of Silau (marga Purba Tambak), dan
Kingdom of Tanoh Jawa (marga Sinaga).

The third phase is the phase of 7 kingdoms:

* Kingdom of Siantar (marga Damanik),
Kingdom of Panai (marga Purba Dasuha),
* Kingdom of Silau (marga Purba Tambak),
Kingdom of Tanoh Jawa (marga Sinaga),
Kingdom of Raya (marga Saragih Garingging),
Kingdom of Purba (marga Purba Pakpak) dan
* Kingdom of Silimakuta (marga Purba Girsang) (Damanik, 2010:1-2).

This third phase begins with the actions of the Dutch government to form a government in the Simalungun region, by treating Belsuit Governor General of the Dutch East Indies Stbl. No 531 of 1906 with the arrangement of seven Kingdoms, called “Napal Kings”.

Map of kingdoms in Sumatera Utara, 19th century

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