Kingdom of Indra Purwa / Sumatera – prov. Aceh

The kingdom of Indra Purwa: 11-th century (?). Located in Aceh.

Location prov. of Aceh

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History of the kingdom

The Sultanate of Aceh Darussalam was built on the ruins of Hindu and Buddha kingdoms, that existed before, such as the Kingdom of Indra Purba, the kingdom of Indra Purwa, the kingdom of Indra Patra, and the Indrapura (Indrapuri) kingdom.
The Indra Purwa kingdom allegedly existed 2,000 years before Christ. In the course of its history, the kingdom of Indra Purwa had been attacked by Srivijaya, Cola, China, Portugal, and others. Between 1059-1069 AD, Chinese soldiers, who had occupied the Kingdom of Indra Jaya, occupied  the kingdom of Indra Purwa, which at that time was ruled by Maharaja Indra Sakti.
When there was war between an army of China and the army of Indra Purwa, an army of the Islamic kingdom of Peureulak came, about 300 people, led by a scholar (Sheikh Abdullah Kan’an) who was titled Shyia Hudan. They came from Dayah Cot Kala, Bayeuen, which was a Military Centre.
Among them, was also Johan Putra (son Adi Genali or Tengku Kawee Teupat, who became king of Linga). The group received permission to settle in the kingdom of Indra Purwa. They opened pepper plantations in the area of Mamprai.

Old maps of Aceh 

Map of Aceh 1646. Achem, from ‘Livro do Estado da India Oriental’, an account of Portuguese settlements in the East Indies, by Pedro Barreto de Resende


 Aceh 1873.

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– Sejarah kerajaan Indra Purwa:
Sejarah kerajaan Indra Purwa:
– Sejarah kerajaan Indra Purwa: