Kingdom of Jongkong / Prov. Kalimantan Barat

The Kingdom of Jongkong: 1823 – 1925.
Jongkong was located in the region Kapuas Hulu, west Kalimantan.
The title of the king is Panembahan.

District of Kapuas Hulu

* Foto sultans and kings, still on Kalimantan: link
* Foto sultans and kings in the past: link
Foto of palaces on Kalimantan: link
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History of the kingdom

The first king of Jongkong was Abang Jembu, who married  Putri Galuh. This marriage of Abang Jembu alias Abang Tedung with the title Kiyai Pati Uda gave birth to 3 children named Abang Usman with the title Pangeran Kusuma; and Abang Abdurllah with the Raden Nata and Abang Alam yang with the title Pangeran Mangku Negeri.
Based on historical sources (ethoven: 1903) “bujak was the descendant of the Dayak Embaloh Palin in Ulak Limau Temau River, who after becoming convert, settled in Muara Ulak Landau Year 1860.

List of Kings

In the note “Jongkong State Founded Year 1890-1917” is noted, that the kings, who had ruled the kingdom of Jongkong, were:

  1. 1800-1864: Abang Jombu bin Abang tedung with the title kiyai pati uda
  2. 1850-1864: Abang Abdurlah with the title Raden Nata
  3. 1864-1866: Abang Abdul Arab with the title Pangeran Muda Suria Negara
  4. 1886-1917 : Abang Abdurllah  bin Abang Unang with the title Pangeran Haji muda Gusti Alam

1925 the kingdom was ended.

Old maps of Kalimantan (Borneo)

For old maps of Kalimantan (1570, 1572, 1594, 1601, 1602, 1740, 1747, 1760, 1835), klik here.

 Kalimantan (Borneo)  1601

Source (only indon. language)

– Sejarah kerajaan Jongkong:
– Sejarah kerajaan Jongkong:
Daftar Raja:

Foto foto

Prince Young Gusti Alam, the last prince of Jongkong (1886-1925) at the same marriage of the princess of Selimbau king. Photos of 1905

Seal of the kingdom of Jongkong

1) Dutch agreement with the Kingdom of Jongkong. 2) Royal burial complex of Jongkong. 3) The tomb of Abang Abdullah the title of Prince Young Gusti Alam (the last King).


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