Kingdom of Gantarang / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan – Kab. Gowa

The kingdom of Gantarang was located on Sulawesi, prov. Sulawesi Selatan, District Gowa. 14th Century (?)

District Gowa

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History of the kingdom of Gantarang, 14th century (?)

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The beginning of the formation of a government system in Gantarang, according to Paruru daeng Rani, one of the community leaders of Gantarang, was during the governance of Tumanurung. At that time the people of Gantarang were hit by hunger, because the plants did grow, also many cattle were dead, and the country was in drought. Seeing these conditions, the gods have lowered a beautiful princess from heaven to overcome the food crisis experienced by Gantarang residents.

Gantarang residents then complained to the daughter of Tumanurung, that this country was hit by drought, livestock died, water source in drought, so people starved. Hearing the complaints of the people of Gantarang, the daughter of Tumanurung begged the gods, in order to lower the rain to fertilize the soil, the plants of the biased population thrive.
In the Gantarang area, there was a village area, named Garassi. Garassi was once a royal area, before the name Gantarang. The emergence of the name Garassi in the mountains bawa karaeng it clearly has something to do with one kasuwiang name in the territory of the kingdom of Gowa during the reign of Tumanurunga ri Gowa in 1320, namely kasuwiang garassi.

When some areas of the kingdom in the mountainous region joined the kingdom of Gowa, the king of Gowa seeked to nationalize some royal areas by placing some officials in the area of the small kingdom, as in Buluttana ever happened by Karaenta Data, the son of Gowa king 26. Similarly, Karaengta Garassi had also visited the area. As a sign of souvenirs, the local people give the name of Garassi kampong.

Kingdoms in South Sulawesi, 1500

Procession of washing of the keris, heirloom of the kingdom of Gantarang or Annompang

November 30, 2016: Gantarang Royal Family held a procession for washing the keris, heirloom of the Gantarang Kingdom at Pondok Bonerate Jl. Jend. Ahmad Yani.
Attending the event was the Regent of Selayar Islands, M. Basli Ali, as well as giving a speech, the Advisory Council for the Adat Council of the Selayar Islands Regency H. Ince Langke IA, also attended by the Gantarang Royal Family.
A heirloom keris washer decorated by 4 commanders dressed in white and accompanied by the rhythm of the gandrang music, making the procession very solemn.


From left to right: – Andi Pangeran Petta Rani Arung Bulo-Bulo (Ex. Gubernur Sulawesi, Putera Andi Mappanyukki ArumponE), – Andi Soji KaraEng KanjEnnE Datu of Suppa (Menantu Andi Mappanyukki ArumponE, Permaisuri Andi Abdullah Bau MassEpE Datu Suppa Lolo), – Andi Mappanyukki Sultan Ibrahim Mangkau ri BonE,- – Ir. Soekarno (Presiden RI), ……., – I Padjongan DaEng NgallE KaraEng PolombangkEng – Andi Sultan DaEng Raja KaraEng Gantarang (?).

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